DVD Movies

When we watch a movie at home, I usually buy a DVD via amazon.com. We watch it once, and then it goes back on the shelf.

So now I have dozens of DVDs I no longer want. Most have only been viewed once, and most are Blu-Ray.

I’m not sure how to get rid of them.

I can post their titles here if anyone is interested. What is the most cost-effective way to ship a DVD?

I would be interested. When I’ve purchased used CDs or DVDs they’ve been sent in yellow padded envelopes, via “media mail” (if that option still exists).

Media Mail is likely going to be the best way to move them.
According to this page, DVDs are on the approved Media Mail list.

It probably wouldn’t kill you to print that page and bring it with you since not everyone knows everything. Maybe even toss it in the box since I understand Media Mail boxes can get inspected from time to time to make sure people are actually shipping media (since it’s so cheap).

You’re a prime candidate for both Amazon Video (start by subscribing to Prime to get many options free), Netflix streaming, and - to replace your disc-buying - Vudu. Much cheaper and no problem of what to do with watched-once stuff.

(I’m always after HD-DVD titles, should anyone reading this have a collection.)

I wouldn’t mind seeing a list of titles.

I just upgraded some of my Bond collection to Blu-ray.

If anyone’s interested in regular DVDs of Dr No, From Russia w/Love, Goldfinger (special ed) and/or Thunderball (2 disc ult ed), send me a pm. I’ll be happy to send one or all to you.

Also, you could try using Redbox to see movies. Or hell, depending on how good the local library system is, you might wanna check there.

We tried Amazon and Netflix streaming, and had a few problems:

  1. We live in the boondocks, and our DSL speed is not the greatest.
  2. Perhaps as a result of #1, HD movies didn’t look HD. They look like normal resolution, and sometimes worse.
  3. The kids and I often turn on English subtitles when watching a movie. I don’t think this can be done with streamed movies.

Wow. I’m extreme boondocks, yet get great streaming movie speed and quality, even while she’s chatting on her tablet and I’m checking imdb on mine.

ETA: subtitles work fine, as well.

A friend of mine claims he buys bundles of DVDs (6-12?) at a time thru eBay; watches the ones he wants, then rebundles most and re-sells them. I don’t have much more detail, but he claims his cost per watched DVD is very little. Sounds like it might work for you.

If you’re still interested in selling them here, I’d be interested in seeing a list of titles also.

I’ve considered doing the same thing through craigslist, you can get good deals when people sell their entire collection. Usually they go for ~$1 a DVD if you buy an entire collection (which can span 20-200 movies usually). Watch what you want and sell the rest (preferably individually so you can get more revenue).

I moved to a city with a great library system, so I don’t need to do that though.

Still selling?
I’m still interested in (remaining) titles.
Need a PM address?


Do you still have DVDs for sale? Blu-ray?

Give the devil his due, Satan has always maintained a great library system with an excellent multi-media department.

But he’ll only let you watch Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo :eek:

Do you still sell DVDs ? I want to buy …

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More and more Netflix movies are giving the option of subtitles. However, you are correct that a low DSL speed will result degraded resolution.