DVD players

I am planning on getting a DVD player for my TV this weekend. I want something that will hold multiple disks and that I can hook up to my stereo for Surround Sound. Do any stand out, or are they all pretty much equal?

I bought a cheap one (Apex) and it works fine. To get the whole “surround” effect you need a receiver that handles not only the usual two front stereo channels, but also a center channel and the two back channels. You can save money by not buying speakers for the back channels, but you definitely need a speaker for the center channel, or else you won’t get dialogue when you play DVDs.

Well it depends…
If you have a HD ready TV, then you would want to get a progressive Scan DVD player… better video quality…

You may also want to see which ones will play CD’s… or CDR’s maybe MP3’s??

Something that will hold multiple disks? Do you mean like how a stereo sometimes has a 3-disk drawer system? If so, I’ve never seen that in a DVD player, just one disk at a time.

actually they have been out for a while now…
I own a sony…


What sort of TV do you have ?
What sort of stereo ?

Yes, Apex makes a $99 at circuit city (when on sale) multiple disk dvd player. I think that one is 3 disks.

Someone said that it won’t play the next disk automatically like it should because of some sort of design glitch.

Oooo, very cool!

A 27 in Zenith, not sure of the model, it was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. I don’t believe it is HDTV ready, but it does have an S-video connection. I already have it set up through my stereo (Technics rack system) with SurroundSound (5 speakers). I figure I will have a lot of fun adding it to the setup, since I already have my TV and VCR hooked up, but I should be able to figure it out. And I don’t want one of the DVD/VCR combos, they look like trouble waiting to happen.

Playing CDs is nice, but I don’t have a CD burner, so I am not real excited about one that plays MP3s. And my CD player on the stereo already holds 61 discs, so adding another 4 or 5 is not very important.

Thanks for the opinions.


Lok, call your friendly neighborhood Radio Shack if you need help. I had problems hooking up my decrepit t.v. in my bedroom to my new dvd player. It was already hooked up to the VCR.

I explained my situation to the Radio Shack dude and he told me what I needed and drew me a diagram since I am electro-impaired.

I just love the Radio Shack people.

FYI, I needed an RF modulator and one additional cable to connect my cable cable to the RF modulator.

I just got my first DVD player a week ago. I haven’t rented a DVD yet, but it has played my CDs perfectly and seems like it is well built. It doesn’t have progressive scan, but it sounds like you don’t need that. It holds 5 disks. I bought mine online for $135 ($157 with shipping).

Pioneer DV-C505

If you’re trying to keep on a budget, the Cyberhome 420 is a incredible buy…can be found at Best Buy for 50 to 70 bucks.

I already had a Sony, but wanted a second DVD player for multi-regiond discs and PAL conversion. So I picked up the Cyberhome (which has PAL to NTSC conversion, a region free hack code, and can turn off Macrovision so you can make copies of DVDs) with the intention of just using it to watch my Region 2 discs like “Dellamorte Dellamore”. To my surprise, it’s a really nice player with excellent quality and good features, and I’m thinking of making it my primary player and putting my Sony in the bedroom.