DVD program to burn&play mp3s?

So as not to spoil all your fun I won’t tell you which progs I’ve used.

Needless to say, I am having bucketloads of trouble getting one that works to
my satisfaction.

What I am trying to do is load up a DVD with mp3 files so that I can
stick it in my home player and listen for hours and hours and hours…

The idea is to either have the thing display a menu of all the tunes, or to
just begin playing from track 1.

Ideally I would like to skip, pause and do all the cool stuff.

I bow to the limitless knowledge and experience of doperland.

I have no experience with this program but they claim that their software will play audio files on a DVD player. I suppose that the trick is to make sure that they are DVD video compliant files so they will work. Audio DVD Creator