DVM Question

I am watching streaming of Animal Planet.

If you are a DVM how qualified would one be to work on humans?
I am thinking of Dr. McCoy in Star Trek…“He’s dead Jim”.
Would animal Xray, lab equipment, etc. be sufficient to diagnose me if I stumbled into the local vet complaining of chest pains? And assuming hospital is miles away
Methinks biology is biology, but I am a hominid not a dog…or a cat, or small rodent.
Please serious answers only.

On the other hand, the same veterinarian is often qualified to treat chimps and dogs and cats and rodents. How often do they extrapolate from that knowledge to treat an animal of a species that they’ve never treated before? Like, say… a homo sapiens?

Of course, a patient always has the best odds with someone who is a specialist. But that’s often not available, and we make do with whichever medical professional is around. And I think the OP’s question is a very interesting one.

Answer appears to be: yes, a vet could (and likely would) certainly render general first aid to a human in an emergency, and they are certainly more knowledgeable about biology and physiology than most non-MDs. But, few, if any, vets would be willing to give a human any actual treatment, due to the threat of losing their veterinary license, as well as general liability.

There was a thread about this in the past. While a vet would be limited in some ways in treating a human they could certainly help out tremendously in an emergency where an MD was not available.

That is kinda why I was asking this question. I am in a small town in western Michigan. The last few times I needed to go to ER it took EMT 40 minutes to an hour to arrive and transport me to hospital, while the emergency vet clinic was just up the street. I realize there would be licensing issues and was impressed by technology in the vet clinics shown in the tv show mentioned above.

Thanks for links. It explained a lot.

Hence my question. I would rather not share an ICU room with critters, if a DVM could stabilize me until proper medical attention is achieved. Not possible given my location. I have more questions, but will defer to fighting ignorance.

Update…transporting to Spectrum Butterworth.

I know it’s TV or novels, but when a bad guys have been wounded and escaped, they often mention to check hospitals and Urgent Care facilities. Then someone says “Check Vets as well because they are sometimes used for medical care”. I’m sure a vet could remove a bullet and stitch the wound if needed.

A veterinarian once told me that a shared quip among vets is: “A doctor is veterinarian who only works on one type of animal.”

After a follow-up visit today with my PCP, he laughed and said “True…but you should know this hospital was an animal treatment center before we saw humans”.

Better Call Saul, Ehrmantraut goes to a sketchy vet to get stitched up without any awkward questions and also to find illegal work (since I guess the vet knows other criminals as well)