Dye! Dye! My Darling! The Sequel!!

OK, my hair is still brown. I’ve been three times over the past couple of months to my stylist: at cutting hair, he’s a wizard. Coloring? Not so much. I told him—again and again—that I want a natural-looking dark-to-medium blonde. “Your hair, she’s-a not take-a de color so good,” says my stylist, who talks like the guy on the pizza box. “It’s-a gotta mind of it’s own.”

I asked the Beauty Girls at work, who recommended I go to the Madison Avenue salon they frequent: “It costs $250 and takes five hours, but they are soooo good.” Right.

I’m thinking of actually going to one of the Curl Up & Dye Shoppes in my neighborhood. I need to get a good base color now, so I can stop exposing my hair to all this dye, and just do root touch-ups! I had my hair colored last night: how long should I wait before going in for a two-process correction?

Humm - the hair color didn’t take? Or it took and went a funny color?

If it didn’t take then your hair may actually need to be bleached and then toned if you want to go lighter. Some dark hairs just won’t accept plain old dye very well - you may get a slight change but it will wash out quickly.

If it took but went a funny color, I’m afraid you’re probably going to have to shell out the $$ to get it fixed. Sad but true - plain old color is one thing, but when you start having to fix other things it gets much more expensive. I had a rather unfortunate tri-color type deal happening a few years ago - I think it was about $300 for all the processes it took to fix it, but then it was FABULOUS.

More info needed, SVP. :slight_smile:

I’ve always heard that as long as you didn’t strip it in the first place, you can process again right away. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. He should know better than to try to lighten your hair without stripping it out with bleach. As I recall, your hair is pretty dark naturally, right?

I dyed my hair two nights ago (highlights off the shelf) and now I look like Pony Boy from The Outsiders. The nice people at work tell me it looks “sun kissed.” It’s not, it’s fake highlight orange. Tri colored orange. So, I made an appointment to get it fixed (2 process) professionally. I intend to make a day at the spa, since it’s going to be expensive to fix anyway, so I’m not in a rush. Also, I have a very sensitive scalp so I want to wait a few days/at least a week. I get straw hair if I do too much dyeing in too small a time frame. I know because, I never seem to learn this lesson. Good luck blonding.

I think he was being too conservative, which is nice—but not after I told him three times what I wanted! Brenda at work recommended her colorist, who fixed Branda’s tri-toned hair a few years ago. So I’m off for a lunchtime consultation tomorrow . . .

This is gonna have to be a double-process, which worries me . . . But if Sarah Jessica Goddam Parker can go from dark brown to a different whoreish blonde every month, I should be able to get a nice medium blonde without turning my hair into straw, right?

Whoreish Blonde, IIRC, is color number 119 from Preference. I think you want color number 129, which is “person who wants to be not so whoreish but no so much with the mousey either”.
I get good results with the home kit but then I’m just trying to cover up my grey.

Yeah, I’m going to take hair-color advice from someone named “Zebra!”

You’ll be just fine. Striping once will be no problem, particularly followed by a color immediatly after - you will have to get a heavy duty conditioner, but big deal.

It’s only when women continually strip their hair trying to get it lighter, and lighter and more Barbie-like that they wind up with straw.

Good luck! You’ll have to post pics! :slight_smile:

Hey! It’s supposed to look like that! I swear!

Well, when I had an unfortunate dye-accident last month and DID look like a Zebra, he/she also came into my thread.

But I got it fixed, so maybe Zebra sightings are a good omen :slight_smile:

And if my hair could get fixed, anything goes. I had to have it dyed about 5 times and it still is halfway decent and not like straw.

I’m gettin’ my hair done here!

Oh, please, oplease, OHPLEASE post a pic when it’s done. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d love to see you with a “Chinese Bobsled!” lmfao.

“Double processing” isn’t as scary as it sounds, think of it as first they erase the mistake, second they apply what you wanted originally. A lot of at-home kits are formulated to leave your hair in better condition, I’d love to see that work for me, just once.

Eve if you had difficulties getting your regular stylist to follow your directions, be prepared to shout them at the pro colorist. Many times they do know what will look good on someone better than the individual, but make sure you get what you want done clearly understood before she touches you. Make her swear to sign away her firstborn or something, but do not go misunderstood! Beware the reddish tones in everything when dying boring brown to lighter blondish brown,too. It happens to me all the time.

Congratulations Eve, you have healthy hair that defies all attempts of abuse by bad chemicals. What you need to do is show your hair who’s boss by exposing it to the truly evil chemicals. Either get it bleached then re-colored, or get a perm. It will then gladly accept the wimpy dye.

After you get your do done, you’ll be ready for another ghetto fab wedding

LMAO at the wedding pics.[sub]i feel so ashamed[/sub]

lmao!!! Too funny!!

Awwww, Mermaid, your ghettofab link is down!

I’m off to Brenda’s colorist today for a consultation. . . I’m thinking of The Basketweave Peacock that Diamondiana is wearing, only in “Lyme Twist.”

Eve, honey, your coloring lends itself more to a Bling Bling Blu. (are you shitting me???)

Are you sure you don’t want to look like this?

Eve, you could try one of these. Classic style, low maintenance, your choice of color (and you could change colors every day!), PLUS they’re rain proof!