I tried an e-Cigt. I used it on a 14 hour flight to Hong Kong last year, but felt like I had to hide it from the flight crew.

It did reduce cravings, but I hated it. What really did for me was not the lack of ‘bite’ or the taste, but, strangely, the weight of the thing. It didn’t feel right. This is a revelation to me, as it reveals something about my addiction that I didn’t know - it’s way more than just nicotine.

There is an oral fixation element to cigarette addiction that often gets overlooked in favour of the addictive properties of nicotine. While I’m certainly not diminishing the nicotine addiction part, do not overlook the oral fixation part. Think of people who are nail biters, it’s not like fingernails are an addictive drug, it’s an oral fixation. We all have a predisposition to oral fixation coded deep in our DNA, think of an 8 month old child who experiences their world through their mouth almost entirely. Whatever you give them goes into their mouth. There are theories that drinking is also part oral fixation, and, of course, theories that it all goes back to breast feeding/weaning yada, yada. It is not without reason that people who quit smoking or drinking put on weight, since the easiest way to fulfill the oral need is to put something in your mouth. It seems that once you flip that switch, on oral fixation, it’s hard to turn off. And I say that as someone who bit their nails until I was 30yrs old! I think that is, in part, how this tool is so effective for some. Because it addresses the oral fixation part, by giving you something to put in your mouth.

Yeah, I’ve found myself putting the e-cig in my lips a couple of times while I went to do something with my hands, automatically expecting the weight to be almost nothing, as I’m used to. And going “oh shit!” as it fell out of my mouth as soon as I released it. With little things like that, though, I think once I retrain myself it won’t be bothersome.

In large part, the ecigs that look like cigarettes are sold to first time users. Many people quickly realize that there is no need for that particular shape and move on to other shapes and styles.

The one I use the most for daily at home use looks pretty much like an aluminum pack of gum with a big blue LED on the end and mouth piece sticking out the other. I like it because it gives a lot of vapor and it uses plain rechargeable batteries rather than expensive proprietary things.

When out playing poker, I like a pipe shape … gives me something to suck on and to handle. The disposable cigar in my earlier link is great for a few days away from home; no cables, chargers, batteries, refills to take along … a bit more expensive than most refillable / rechargeable ecigs, but very convenient and still substantially less expensive than real cigarettes.

I have a question about my ecig (which I finally received yesterday). I am dripping liquid into the atomizer chamber, but maybe I am doing it wrong? Because my throat hurts when I exhale, and I don’t think it’s supposed to. I don’t know if the vapor is getting too hot or something. Are you supposed to fill the chamber completely full of liquid, or just put in a few drops at a time and refill it often? I also have a manually-activated battery, which I hold down for 3-4 seconds at a time. Is this too long?

I have learned not to puff too hard or else it might suck the liquid through instead of vaporizing it properly.

And to clean the atomizer, can I leave it overnight in a cup of water or would that not do anything? Does it need to be alcohol/rubbing alcohol? How about clear rum?

Is it a bad thing if the atomizer makes a crackling sound when I inhale? Or is that normal?

Ummm … you are dripping the liquid onto the fluffy cottony looking stuff, not just straight into the chamber, right? Maybe 8 to 12 drops should saturate it enough to smoke properly, a bit more as you learn.

If you’re getting liquid into your mouth you have put way too much. Never heard a crackling sound from any of mine.

Suggest you (re)read your instructions. If you didn’t get any, contact the place you bought the thing.

The crackling sound you are hearing is because the atomizer is flooded. You should not hear that sound.

Remove the atomizer, and let it dry, or (and yes clear rum, or any alcohol will work) soak it in alcohol. Water alone will not clean the residue out of the wick.

It sounds like you are putting drips directly on the atty. If you are trying to drip tip, you should only place 3-4 drops to prime a new or freshly cleaned atty. then 1-2 drops thereafter, whenever the vapor volume drops off.

Depending on your unit, 3-4 secs may be too long, although that is how long I draw on my Magma & USB pass-thru.

That guy ought to be getting here soon. Here is a video you might want to take a look at. (It starts at the second part- Part 1 is about the V-Pack, not Magma) This guy is over at the Volcano forums, and he knows his stuff. He always gives great tips on mods, juices, etc.

Make sure you heed his advice when you first use your brand new cartridge, and put it on sloooooooowly.

Thanks for the tips. I was doing a lot of reading last night and figured out that I was doing… a few… things wrong. The instructions that came on my 510 are in pretty stilted Engrish (heh) and are definitely not nuanced. They also didn’t address how to use your own e-liquid. Thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely put those to use tonight.

A couple places said that some atomizers are designed to crackle to “imitate a cigarette”. But others said what you said above, that it might simply be flooded. I’ll clean it out thoroughly tonight regardless and see what kind of results I get. And now that I know how to drip properly, onto the fluffy stuff and just a drop or 2 to prime the atomizer, I think I’ll be in good shape going forward.

I actually pulled the fluffy stuff out of the first cartridge I opened, because it was soaked with their marlboro-flavored blend (which I didn’t want to use, I wanted to use the very berry stuff). I didn’t know the fluff was necessary for the atomizer to function until I read up some more later on… XD whoops… so now I’m just dripping my flavor onto their carts and tolerating the transition until all the marlboro flavor is used up. But the whole setup was cheap, so even if I do stupid shit and fry these, I can replace them easily enough. I’ll definitely buy a nicer model next time, but the small 510 is a great starter piece.

Cant you just pull out the fluff and give it a wash and make sure that all their tobacco stuff is out? The guy in the video was playing with the foam.

Got my Volcano Magma today. WAAAAAY better than that 7-11 piece of shit.

I’m still not quite getting the throat hit I’d like, though. But at least there’s something there, unlike with the 7-11 one. Sometimes I get a good hit just like a real cigarette, but more often I get a very light feeling. I’m thinking this is partly due to my (lack of) technique… I’ve been following the instructions to hit it slowly, taking 3 or 4 seconds to draw, and most of the time I hear air whistling either through the unit or my lips. Am I doin’ it wrong?

I understand that once I mod the cartridges I’ll get a better draw, and if nothing else I’ll probably get used to a lighter throat hit over time. I remember about 15 years ago, when I switched from Marlboro Reds to Lights, for a while I couldn’t feel much in my throat. I got used to it before too long, though, and that lighter throat hit became “normal.” Is this an apt analogy?

The “airy” feeling is the filler most likely. Once you put the blue foam in place, it gives off much better vapor. It seems to take a few days for the atomizers to reach full efficiency, so give them a bit of time to break in. If you are not blowing out a huge plume of vapor (The same or a bit more than a regular smoke) then something is not right.

The throat hit will take a slight adjustment from analog- It is much more clean. One of the things you can do to increase the feeling is place a drop of grain alcohol in the filter cartridge. It adds an extra “burn”.

Clean your atomizer daily for peak performance.

I was about to write and say I wasn’t getting much, and not blowing out much vapor… then I tried changing the cartridge. :o I guess that’s how you tell when it’s out, because I wasn’t getting a “burnt” taste like they say on the e-cig forums.

Well, I’m an ex-drunk, so I think I’ll forgo the grain alcohol and live with what I’ve got. :slight_smile:

Not to worry, I plan to follow your cleaning advice. Do you just put your spent cartridges in the rubbing alcohol cup with the atomizers, foam and all? Or would it be ok to just rinse out the carts? I’m a little worried about rinsing out the foam well enough - I don’t want there to be any chance of inhaling any leftover alcohol. Or maybe I’m just being paranoid…

Here is my system: Break everything down, and put in the cup with just enough alcohol to cover. Wait a few hours. I find that 1 hour is a minimum for a decent clean, but I prefer to wait overnight. If you really want them to be CLEAN- after they have soaked for a bit, take the atomizer and blow through it, then return to soak some more.

Once they have soaked, rinse the carts/pieces in water & dry. Then take the atomizer, rinse it in water, and blow through. I do this three times. After I have rinsed, I dry with a lint free towel (be careful- the atty wick will grab anything) and blow out excess water. If I need an atomizer right then, I take it and put it on my e-cig, and puff a few times until the wick is dry(er).

It seems like a lot, but really the whole rinsing/drying process takes me a little over a minute.

As far as the “burnt” flavor with an empty cart- I have never tasted it. After a few carts you start to realize when the vapor is getting too low. You also start to realize what I meant when I said you will burn through a lot of carts in the beginning- That’s okay! That’s why refill juice is awesome.
Another thing: If you want a real cigarette, then have one. Don’t deprive yourself or you will just grow to not like the Magma. After a few weeks look at your cigarette intake and see if there has been any change. If nothing else, you have a kickass way to smoke in an office, or public space. :slight_smile:

Thank you fpr asking this question, and for others who are answering.
I’ve only ever smoked clove cigs, and have long maintained that I don’t even get anything nicotine-wise from them; it’s merely a habit, though one I apparantly am unwilling to give up.
So…I will try this out.

Edit: Although…regular cigarettes, of any kind at all, make me choke like a gag-pipe. I really CANT smoke regular cigarettes. Cloves taste good and there is no gag reflex at all. I wonder if they have clove options, hrm…

Oh, and don’t worry about inhaling alcohol: If you try to puff one that has not been rinsed, the smell/taste will instantly have you going for the faucet. Of course, I tend to draw with my mouth, and then inhale so I tasted it right off. Judging from the number of people on the forums who have made the same mistake and not died, it must not be too harmful to screw up once in a while. YMMV.

Check out this catalog of flavors. And yes, they do have clove.

Yeah, I’ve still got more than a pack left from the last carton I bought, and I don’t intend to waste them. :slight_smile: I’ve only had three analogs so far today, though; I’d normally have gone through half a pack by now.

Well, as an ex-alcoholic, my concern goes a bit deeper than the taste. I’ve been sober for almost six years, and while I don’t have any desire for alcohol, I’m scared that if I accidentally ingest any though my e-cig… well, I don’t know what might happen, but I don’t want to find out. To put it in perspective, you know how they say for someone who successfully quits smoking, just one cigarette can turn them into full-time smokers again? Anyway, I think I’ll skip soaking the foam in rubbing alcohol, it’s not like it would be expensive to replace it once a week or so.

Another question: I’m looking at juice on the Volcano site… what’s the deal with “Premium” juice? I see that the bottles are 1.5 times bigger than the “regular,” and thus the cost is actually slightly cheaper for the Premium. Is there any other difference? I noticed the same thing on eliquidplanet as well.

AFAIK, the “premium” is just a bigger bottle.

Have you broken open the Bluewater Punch yet? I would suggest sticking with tobacco flavor and later on trying the flavors, but I can understand the curiosity. :slight_smile:

This is the thread that I wish I’d started. After having successfully quit for many, many years, I started smoking just over a year ago in a high-stress, foreign environment, and my promise to myself was that upon returning to Michigan, I’d quit again. This seems like a no-stress, no drug solution (well, no drug other than nicotine).