E! Hollywood Poker, 3/17

aka “Hey gang, let’s put on a poker show!”

I watched some of the last half hour of this. I had wanted to see it because I like some of the “That 70s Show” people and a lot of “MitM”. The credits list Laura Prepon as the producer.

The players were Laura, the Masterson brothers, and 2 apparent “hanger ons”. The dealer was a pro poker player nicknamed “The Unabomber.” He provided commentary, some suspicious dealing, etc. There were no back room commentators. There was some fill-in interview pieces and a lot of pop-up style lingo defs.

Dear Laura:

When you and your buddies are playing poker late at night and get really stewed, it may seem hilarious. But to the rest of us: No.

The play was atrocious. People were just goofing around.

The conversation was even worse.

So give this one up. OTOH, if you want to do a lingerie show with your friend Scarlett Johansson, I’m there.


I was with you right up to the lingerie show.

If however Chris Masterson and the dark-haired hanger-on would like to put on a show of any sort while Laura and Scarlett are so occupied, I’m good with it. Add Phil Laak in there for good measure; if he’s as psycho in the sack as he is at the poker table then Jennifer Tilly is a very lucky gal.