E-mail error message

I sent off an email got it bounced back with this error

554 Relay rejected for policy reasons.
I’ve never seen that one before. Any idea what that means?

Is your mail server setup as an “open relay”?
You may have a blacklisted IP, if know your mail server IP check it on the blacklist sites… here’s one: http://rbls.org/ , there are several more sites.

I doubt that’s it since I was sending the email from my workplace (a public library) to another public library.

Hey, I very stupidly experimented on my production mail server at work (a school district) and accidentally left it set as an open relay and I got us blacklisted from other schools. So it can happen if your net admin is as stupid as I am…

But I haven’t had any other email bounced back from any other domain.

Not everyone uses the blacklists to block suspected spam. Can you send mail to other addresses at the blocked domain? Another possibility is that their server is simply down.

Server down might be more likely.