E-stim - Anybody ever try it?

Has anyone here ever tried e-stim for sexual pleasure? What was it like? Would you do it again? Has it become a regular thing?


Have you checked out the recent Savage Love column on e-stim?


It’s very very informative. E-stim sounds interesting, although expensive…

OOOPs duh, your link connected to the same exact article! Apologies! :smack:

Nope. However,

Unless you have a degree in electrical engineering, or a licensed electrician NEVER modify or build any device which must be plugged in. That is a good way to win a Darwin award. If you’re a novice tinker, stick to things that run on the average batteries.

Even if the output is well below lethal levels, it may be possible to give yourself an electrical burn.

If it feels anything like the exercising devices sold on TV-shop that send electrical currents through your body to let your muscles contract, I’ll pass, thank you.

No, but once, years ago, I wrapped Big Olaf in a double layer of terrycloth towel, and I ran an orbital sander on top. The sander made a tremendous racket, and I got a scary orgasm in about 25 seconds. I must admit, it saved time, but yow! :eek:

AskNott I can only hope that wasn’t done in the tool department at Sears.

Did you shout out " Whooo hooo! I’m masterbating like a motherfuck!