Eagles 'Wasted Time Reprise' - the first?

I remember the Eagles Hotel California album had a great song - Wasted Time - on one side, and an orchestral version on the other side. Now my latest Matchbox 20 CD has the same sort of thing for Bed of Lies. The orchestral version of Bed of Lies is a hidden track at the end, and I’m pretty sure that is more common. I find these things very appealing. If you know of any more cool ones, post them here. My question: Was the song subject of this thread a particular innovation, or did someone else do it better earlier.

There is a hidden track on the CD version of Alanis Morissette’s Jaged Little Pill.

I don’t know if you’re looking for orchestral versions of songs or just hidden tracks so this may or may not apply.

There’s a hidden track on Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 2 at the very end (on the CD, anyway). No lyrics, and it honestly sounds like someone attempting to play the piano while wearing mittens.

Yea, my basic question was basically who came up with this idea of an orchestral version on the same album. I knew that some youngsters that have never had to flip an album 20 minutes after you started it would be replying all about hidden tracks on their Green Day or Korn CDs. Or, I would get info about all the worthless dance mixes from one-hit wonders who were trying to fill up an EP. Of course, this is not meant to flame you, Dr. Venkman.

No problem at all.

Didn’t the Eagles also do something like that with “Doolin Dalton”? I have a vague memory of something like that which then segues into “Desperado” on the Eagles Live album.