RIP Glenn Frey

Just received a text from my son that Glenn Frey died. I am in complete shock !!

That’s life in the fast lane.

News just coming in that Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey has passed away at 67.

Not much detail available yet.

I never was the biggest Eagles fan, but “Greatest Hits: 1971-1975” was one of the first albums I ever paid for with my own money, and it’s hard to find a song of theirs that isn’t great and doesn’t still hold up.

You’ll be missed.

I am a huge fan. I’ve met most of them and at one concert ended up sitting with Timothy B Schmidt’s family. My dog was alllllmost named Henley. While some are saying it’s a hoax, I think TMZ is pretty credible.

Now being reported on TMZ.

There’s a vacancy at the Hotel California.

Don Henley just confirmed it on his FB page. DAMN IT !!

Can we please take a mulligan on 2016?

Wasn’t he just recently brought up on charges for assault and battery against his wife? Heck of a way to beat a rap.

Also reported on The Eagles’ website.

Very sad. Hugely talented guy who worked hard to make sure their songs sounded as good or even better in concert. He will definitely be missed.

Jesus Jiminy, make it stop. How very, very sad. :frowning:

On a related note though, I’m boarding the next plane to Arizona and bubble wrapping Alice from here to eternity.

I think that was Don McLean.

I’m starting to dread turning the internet on

Just heard it on NPR. RIP, Mr. Frey.

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Shit. I always liked their easy country-rock sound and harmonies. The intro to Hotel California on the Hell Freezes Over reunion album is one of my favorites.

If we’re thinking of the same thing, I believe that’s Don McLeon.

As far as their instrumentals go, it’s hard to go wrong with “Journey of the Sorcerer”, a song which many people know even if they have no idea it’s by the Eagles to begin with. :slight_smile:

Amen. Soundtrack to the 70’s - wow.

The Eagles are the soundtrack to my high school years. I got into some very different music later, but when I think back, it’s the Eagles on my mind’s radio. I’m very sad.

It’s barely 2016 and the Grim Reaper already has a harvest for the ages.