Eagles breakup

What in the world caused such hatred between Glen Frey and Don Henley prior to Eagles implosion such to the extent that Henley allegedly threatened Frey with physical violence during the last song of their last concert in Long Beach, prior to their 14 year hiatus.

(just a heads-up: Henley is on the record as stating that he believes the name of the band is Eagles, not The Eagles.)

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

Felder, not Henley:

Of all the breakups in Rock and Roll history, I don’t think this gets enough play. The Eagles were HUGE and then they decided it just wasn’t worth it.

I am not a fan of their style of music, but to walk away from that kind of success speaks to a level of dysfunction that must have been mindblowing.

I am not deeply versed on Eagles lore (I didn’t know there was even a “The” issue; The Cream, sure; Eurythmics, sure - but Eagles? I had no idea) - I respect 'em as songwriters but got more than my share of listens growing up with them on the radio. However, **Yossarian **makes a key point: There’s Felder and there’s Henley and Frey - different categories. Felder was treated more like a hired hand by Henley and Frey, and when Felder wanted more say, was rebuffed. He was part of the Hell Freezes Over reunion tour, but got fired after that (I think) and has since published a book about it that I will eventually get around to reading, I am sure.

Now, Henley and Frey are the real leaders of the band. To my knowledge, they burnt out over drugs and touring just like Fleetwood Mac did. I am sure there are hellacious stories to go along with that, but I am not familiar with any other big smoking gun at top of mind…

What band doesn’t go through this? All bands go through hatred. The Go-Gos, Culture Club, the Beatles, the Everly Brothers, etc etc etc.

You’d be harder pressed to find a band or group that like each other. Off hand I can think of a few like Hall & Oates, that seemed to be friendly throughout the whole span of their careers.

Bascially it’s always about ego. Then money is usually second. Often songwriting royalty isn’t split evenly among band members and this can be problematic later on, when others record the bands music.

It’s not even necessarily about ego. It’s about stress. Being in a touring band sounds like fun - until you’ve done it 10,000 times, played the same songs over and over again, had to deal with the same people in close quarters for years on end. Drugs and alcohol come into play, and angry spouses and girlfriends tired of the whole schtick. In the meantime, various hangers-on, agents, and record execs are doing their best to glom onto the success of the band, often attempting to split members apart (“What are you doing with these guys? Sign with me, and we’ll make a platinum record together! And you won’t have to share royalties with five people.”)

I think it takes a rare combination of people to manage to stay together through all that. Most marriages don’t survive it. Look at the divorce rate in Hollywood, which has the same issues.

I don’t know about the argument, but in Steve Martin’s autobiography he talks about a discussion he had with Glen Frey regarding the “The” in their name. He tried to convince Glen to add it, because otherwise it just didn’t make sense (to Steve). Obviously, he didn’t listen. :smiley: