early 90s movie help ( a thriller )

my 22yr old son has just reminded me of a movie we saw when he was about 6.

all we can remember is:

  1. guy and gal being chased by bunches of people

  2. during one of the chase scenes there is a car screaming in or out of a railway tunnel and being confronted by a train

  3. and this is what we remember most, the two protagonists are holed up in the ubiquitis grungy $7 motel; the gal turns on the shower or basin faucet and is
    met by a stream of cockroaches.

( no, it is not joe’s apartment )

very derivative movie with all the usual suspects, but i want to see it again.

[QUOTE=ubiquitis [/QUOTE]


A stream of cockroaches or just one big one? That happens in Bird on a Wire (1990) which is about a guy and gal on the run.

Sounds like Bird on a Wire to me too. Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn go in the run after Mel Gibson’s witness protection program ID is compromised by a chance meeting with his girlfriend from his former life.


i’ll check it out.