Early SI Sportsman of the Year 2018 thread

Yes, it is a little early for this, but with all of the talk about Shaun White, Chloe Kim, and the USA women’s hockey team…

Oh, who am I kidding?
End of the discussion.

That Don Guy, apparently.

My prediction is that it will be “The SI Subscribers” because they’re so gosh darn special.

The reflective foil cover of that issue will be like a fun house mirror.

I’m an SI subscriber, and I bet the bulk of us are those that have redeemed unused airline miles for the subscription.

Technically I am too, someone gifted me a subscription.

I don’t even read them. If I want to read a sports article that’s what the web is for. They just get recycled right away with the ads and coupons and credit card offers.

I enjoy reading the magazine, most of the stories aren’t super timely. But, I take the train to work and often have downtime at work. It’s certainly not the force it was before the internet era, and I think they’d benefit from covering more sports. They used to cover auto racing, horse racing, and soccer far more than they do now.

You could make a good and emotional argument for Nick Foles. A lot of this depends on what happens in the Eagles 2018 season…
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Time already did it, back in 2006.

Besides, the subscribers already got a benefit; their subscription lengths were doubled. Okay, it was because the magazine went from every week to every two weeks, but still…

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I figure maybe Tiger has a shot if he wins a major this year, although he’s already won this award twice.

However, now that the golf majors are over, I still think it’s Curry & Durant, especially as they haven’t “rewarded” the Warriors for any of their three recent titles yet.

It’s a “front runner” magazine. They usually only feature stories on winning teams and athletes, with a splatter of feel good stories. They rarely have any stories on dysfunctional teams or athletes.
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If Croatia would have won the World Cup, that would have been an interesting decision for SI, they clearly should be on the short list, but the Croatian soccer team isn’t going to sell a lot of magazines in the USA, especially 6 months later.

Now that the World Series is over, it’s time to resurrect the thread.

I think that the only real competition that Curry and Durant have is Bob Baffert, for his two Triple Crowns in four years.
Any hype that the Winter Olympians had died fast.

The only way I see Curry and Durant not winning is if somebody at SI is afraid of subscriber backlash because of their public refusals to accept an invitation to the White House from President Trump.

Showing local bias i’ll submit the Washington Capitals.

If Vegas would have won it all, they’d be a lock. Washington has been good for a long time, just snakebit in the playoffs. Still, it’s a possibility they might get it. The past ten years or so have been basketball heavy for the winners.

Eh, I don’t know. I feel like there is a decent amount of Curry/Durant fatigue. It’s true the Winter Olympics feel like a long forgotten thing, but one of those athletes, Chloe Kim for example, might be kind of refreshing.

The announcement will be made Thursday 12/13 during a 2-hour special on NBC that starts at 9 PM Eastern.

My top 3 are (still):

  1. Curry & Durant
  2. Bob Baffert
  3. Chloe Kim & Shaun White (and maybe snowboard slopestyle gold medalists Redmond Gerard & Jamie Anderson as well), although if they do give it to any snowboarders, they really should include snowboard & skiing gold medalist Ester Ledecka

It will be announced first on si.com sometime on Monday 12/10

Well Nick Foles is out the window.

Bob Bafert is a fantastic choice.
Can I nominate Nick Saban? Another NCAAF title and this years team is historically good. If they did this knowing SI they would co-award another college coach, I’m guessing Dabo Sweeney or some lower division coach.

Rarely does SI name 2 players from the same team, if ever so if it’s the Warriors it’ll probably be Curry or Durant.

They won’t give it to Ovechkin because Sidney Crosby never won.

Lewis Hamilton, Kylian Mbappé, Patrick Mahommes are other worthy nominees.
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The nod goes to…the Golden State Warriors as a team