One of the best sports trivia questions I've ever heard...give it a shot!

Here’s the question:

There have been a total of 9 sports figures (singular or plural) that have been on the covers of Sports Illustrated, Time, and Newsweek in THE SAME WEEK. Name them, and bonus points if you can name what event warranted the publicity.

This isn’t easy. The ones that probably jump out at you as being easy are not even correct. After about 100 wrong guesses, I had gotten seven of them.
Now, the disclaimer: Someone ran this question by me last night at a bar – I have not verified his answers – but he was very sports knowledgeable and seemed confident.

I’ll tell you how many you have right (but not which ones) to start with. If it drags on too long, then I’ll tell you which ones are correct.
Now, have at it!

Two other things…If you already know the answer, don’t spoil it. And don’t cheat! Looking for answers on the web is no fun!

Here’s one guess:

  1. Jesse Owens
  1. Magic Johnson anouncing he was HIV positive.

  2. Curt Flood decision breaking baseball anti-trust
    exemption (partially)

  3. Jackie Robinson playing in major league baseball.

  4. Mark McGwire 70 home run season.

  5. Mohommed Ali/Cassius Clay refusing to serve in the armed forces.

Any of these correct?

Here’s another guess.

  1. USA Olympic hockey team winning gold metal in 1980.

Hamlet, sorry.

uberDave, you have 2 right – good job, you’re way ahead of where I was after six guesses.

Jordan un-retiring the second time.

Not that I think it’s on the level of the other accomplishments, but he’s so popular with the media that I’d have to guess he’d be on all 3 at some time.

But I’m not sure enough to make it a #7

I suck at sports trivia but will give it a shot.

I like ubers picks except for Jackie. Has Sports Illustrated been aroiund that long? I’ll guess:

Cal Ripkin
Muhammed Ali
Michael Jordan
Magic Johnson
Joe Namath and/or '69 Jets
US hockey team beating Russians
Michael Johnson
Joe Montana
Mark Spitz

HubZilla, nope.

lieu, you’ve got 3 of them right.

The '98 US women’s world cup soccer team?

Eric Heiden?

I would also second the '80 hockey team, Mark Spitz, and Ali

I will guess Nancy Kerrigan and/or Tonya Harding after Nancywas attacked on the ice. Am I right?

Yes, I know she’s skank on ice butt she was newsworthy…

Tonya Harding?

Beat me to it, shag!
Maybe Mary Lieu Retton?
Who suffered the heart attack, Flo Jo?
Larry Bird?
Dave Winfield?


ohhh,ohhh,ohhh, just thought of another one

Granted he was an ex-athlete, but I’d bet he was on a lot of covers right after he was charged.

Shagnasty, nope.

lieu, none of those 4.

And jk, from all your, you’ve got 3. And you’re really close on another.

mouthbreather, Can you please tell us which one’s we guessed are correct?

Hmmmm . . . doesn’t look like we have 9 yet.

Well, I get Newsweek, and I don’t recall him on the cover, but I will guess Dale Earnhardt after he died.

Joe DiMaggio when HE died?

Jackie Robinson 50th year anniversary of the integration of baseball

George W. Bush (owner of Texas Rangers???)

Bjorn Bjorg

Mickey Mantle or Roger Maris during the 1961 home run race

Jesse Ventura after winning Minnesota gubernatorial election

Pete Rose when he got kicked out of baseball

Tough question . . .

Magic Johnson
Muhammed Ali
Michael Jordan
Bear Bryant
Ray Lewis
Dan Jansen
Phil Mahre & brother
Franz Klammer
Lance Armstrong

Here’s the correct ones so far:

[li]Muhammad Ali – stripped of his title for draft dodging[/li][li]OJ – arrested for murder[/li][li]1980 US Hockey Team – gold medal[/li][li]Joe Namath – 1969 Superbowl[/li][/ul]
And on preview, nope Vinnie, no dice but good guesses.

Secretariat winning triple crown first time in 25 years.