Sports Trivia!

You guys know the drill: answer a question, ask another one. No googling!

R1: (General) What are the only two days of the year on which none of the 4 major US sports play games? (Hint: not particular dates, but dates defined by proximity to a certain event).

R2: (American Football) Who holds the NFL single-season record for combined rushing and passing yardage?

R3: (Association Football) Who won the Golden Boot in the 1966 FIFA World Cup?

R4: (Formula 1) Who holds the all-time record for most F1 pole positions?

R5: (Rugby Union) Where did England play most of its home international matches before Twickenham Stadium was built?

R1. The day before and the day after the MLB All-Star Game.

R3. Georgie Best

R4. Ayrton Senna

1 and 4 are correct.

George Best is not- he never played in a World Cup, in fact.


R2, I’ll go with Dan Marino. He wasn’t a big rusher but passed for so many yards that year he broke 5,000, I suspect he’ll beat any other season by anyone.

R6. Who held the NHL record for goals in a season before Wayne Gretzky came along?

R7. Okay, how about ASSISTS in a season before Wayne Gretzky came along?

Wild guess: Gordie Howe?

Incorrect on R2, RickJay. By the way, it would probably be better if you numbered your questions J or RJ or something, since I’m already using R. :wink:

Will do.

I’m curious as to the answer, then.

Pravnik: Nope. Amazing though this might sound, Gordie’s best season doesn’t make the top 150.

If nobody gets it before 3 PM ET I’ll post a clue.

R6. Phil Esposito?



Marino (1984): 5129
Culpepper (2004): 5123

It’s Marino, unless there’s someone I’m not thinking of. doesn’t seem to have a search portal to look stuff like this up, which is annoying.

[R1: (General) What are the only two days of the year on which none of the 4 major US sports play games? (Hint: not particular dates, but dates defined by proximity to a certain event).

If you mean “Men’s Basketball” and not just “Basketball”, yes. Otherwise, the WNBA has games.

Marino had 5,084 passing yards and -7 rushing yards in 1984, for a total of 5,077. I think you added the rushing total from '83 instead of '84.

Culpepper posted 4,717 passing yards and 406 rushing yards in '04, for a total of 5,123. I’ll give you credit for getting the answer right, since you showed your work. :wink:

Uh - looks like I added his negative 24 from '85. Weird.

Correct! Esposito scored 76 in 1970-1971.

AST1- Who was starting quarterback in the Rose Bowl, the Super Bowl, and the Grey Cup championship game?

AST2- What was the first Super Bowl-winning team that played all its home games in a domed stadium?

AST3- Apart from the city they now play in, what do the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles have in common?

AST4- What two men have won Super Bowl rings both as players AND as head coaches?

AST5- Who was the last Caucasian player to lead the NBA in scoring?

AST1 is Joe Kapp.

AST2 is the St. Louis Rams.

AST3 - Both teams used to be called the “Browns” - they were the Cleveland Browns and St. Louis Browns before moving to Baltimore.

AST5 - Pete Maravich, I think, but I’m not totally sure and will feel stupid if it’s Bird.

New ones:

RJ 3 - Since the advent of three-point shots, who is the only player to win an NBA scoring title without hitting a three-pointer?

RJ 4 - How many Olympic medals does Ben Johnson have?

RJ 5 - What baseball player holds the record for the most games played with one team?

RJ 6 - That was too easy. What pitcher holds the record for the most games PITCHED with any one team?

AST 5 is Maravich; Bird never did it. It’s amazing how few NBA scoring champions there have been. I’m sure there are a couple one-offs I can’t come up with off the top of my head, but since Maravich I can only think of a handful of players who have won all but a few scoring titles in the last three decades. And none of them were honkies.

RJ 3’s gotta be Shaq.

RJ 4 - two, right? Won three and was stripped of one?

Well, there’s actually three. I’ll leave their names to someone else, but I will give a big hint: one is white, one is black, one is Hispanic.