Early Super Bowl Pick Time 3!

Ok folks, year #3 for this one. We’ve got our 12 playoff teams, now let’s see who can pick the Super Bowl a month ahead of time.

Last year it was Uncommon Sense, whose pick of the Patriots over the Eagles, 27-20 was only two points off the correct total. Damn fine job there.

So let’s see what’cha got. We want the teams making it to big game, and the final score.

This year, I’ll be throwing caution to the wind and picking with my heart instead of my head. I’ll take the Manning Bowl matchup that every sportswriter is drooling to see: Giants over the Colts, 34-27.

As always, just in case you don’t follow football but still wanna play along, just pick an AFC team, an NFC team, and a couple of numbers that sound vaguely football-scorish.

AFC Teams:
New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos

NFC Teams:
Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks

Colts - 39
Seahawks - 27

Steelers 16, Seattle 10 in OT. The Bus scores the last touchdown of his career to win the game and gets game MVP.

Denver 27 Chicago 13.

Colts 32
Seadogs 20

Patriots 24
Bears 16

I would not prefler to have this to happen, however.

New England 30
Seattle 17

Don’t want that, either.

Mad props to the Pats for letting Flutie drop kick that extra point, though.

Tampa Bay Bucs over the Indianapolis Colts 13-10 in OT. There will be a fitting tribute to James Dungy somehow.

Seahawks over Colts 35-32

I would LOVE to see a Bears-Bengals Super Bowl. Bears - 2,412 Bengals - 0

In reality, it will probably be more like Colts - 24 Bears - 10.

Pats 23
Bears 20

Colts 17, Bears 7

Bears 27 - Beangals 24.

This is a lock as the Bears will always stick it to a Packer’s fan given the chance. The bastards let Edinger go to sign with the Queens just to make sure we lost those games. :mad:

I’m amazed at the number of people picking the Bears. I really am! God I hope you’re all right, I’d be happy just to see them make an appearance. In my estimation it all comes down to match-ups in the NFC.

AFC - Colts

NFC - The heart says Bears, the head says it’s the winner of Seattle/Washington.

Final Score: Bears 20 - Colts 16

Stop by the March to Super Bowl XXXX thread and elaborate on your thoughts!

Carolina 24
Pats 21

The dream pick for me would be PATS over the Bears 42-10



Broncos over the Giants, 24-17.

Shouldn’t that be 46-10? That was the correct winning score for the Bears in Superbowl XX against the Pats. It’s amazing how much it can still hurt after 20 years isn’t it? I’m a Skins fan and I’m still angry about Super Bowl XVIII (38-9 for the Raiders) and that damn rocket screen.

My prediction (going with my heart instead of my brains here):

Redksins 27 - Patriots 21

I’m going to go with a rematch, on the theory they’ve been there before and done that.

Pats 35 - Panthers 32