Early thoughts on Peter Jackson's and Christan Rivers Mortal Engines movie.

Release date: Dec 14, 2018 (United States)


Well it hits all the buttons: post-apocalyptic, ultimate weapon, plucky young heroine, rescue at the last minute, city floating in air, huge noisy battles, completely implausible main premise, and oh yes, surviving a fall down a garbage chute.

Been there, done that. The rut that this movie is following in is far bigger than the ones caused by the moving city.

Or it could be a better Mad Max, Fury Road if you like that type of stuff. We’ll see.

Visually it looks really interesting. Might be worth a trip to 3D IMAX. But the plot does look hackneyed. A chosen one to save the world! Take your place in line behind Luke, Neo, Frodo, Superman, etc etc.

It made me think of the Crimson Permanent Insurance.

I omitted to mention the evil of the mechanical, and the virtue of the organically shaped. It’s really down to a sort of shorthand now, isn’t it.

The concept looks like a video game, and the VFX execution makes it look like a video game.

I am a big fan of Peter Jackson’s work, so I hope I’ll like this, but my initial thoughts are not favourable.

The trailer looks ridiculous. I loved PJ’s LOTR movies, mostly hated his Hobbit movies, and doubt I’ll see this.

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Release date: Dec 14, 2018 (United States)


There is not a single interesting line of dialog in that entire trailer.

It was preceded by an advert for Bohemian Rhapsody, the life of Freddie Mercury, which looked far more interesting. And I’m not even a fan of the music.

I bought the books as a set a few years ago. The first is a pretty standard ya yarn whose ridiculous setting didn’t really get in the way, but the second book seemed to concentrate more on the setting and doubled down on the utter unlikeliness, so I gave up. I wouldn’t watch a movie of it.

Nor would I expect the series to turn up in the “most likely distopias” that.

No, no it could not. Nothing could be a better Fury Road, unless George Miller gets to make a sequel.

Looks like Peter Jackson’s name is attached mainly as a producer. Directing duties were handed off to Christian Rivers.

“Dumb as fuck” was what came to mind.

Even if George Miller made a sequel, it would take a miracle to out-do Fury Road.

Witness him!

Is that a pseudonym for Uwe Boll? :slight_smile: Or Alan Smithee?

Christian Rivers was originally going to be helming the Dambusters remake Jackson was going to produce, but that never eventuated. Then there was going to be the Temeraire movie about Napoleonic dragons that went nowhere. This is what he eventually ended up with.

His original role in PJ’s crew was as previsualisation, aka storyboards and animatics, but I think he was a unit director on a couple of the Hobbit movies.

Not mediocre.

I would far, far rather have seen those movies. London rolling around on giant tank treads is just stoopid.