Earn street cred! Build the SD Slang Dictionary!

Now that I am a 26-year-old white woman, what negligible street cred I used to have has dwindled to nil. In an effort to build it up, I gotta get up to date on my slang. To begin, what does “crunk” mean? I got the Outkast CD this weekend and on the song, “Rosa Parks” and the hook is:
Ah ha, hush that fuss
Everybody move to the back of the bus
Do you wanna bump and slump with us
We the kind of people make the club get crunk

I demand to know what that means.

Also, give me more slang with definitions so I can appear “hip” and “with it.” Thank you.

According to theRap Dictionary , crunk means “phat, hype”.

I had this site bookmarked for a while, for pretty much the same thing you need - to not feel like a tremendous old fart.

Check out the other listings - there’s lots of stuff in here. How current it is, I can only guess. I’m a 28 year old white gal, so what would I know???

I don’t think that’s right for ‘crunk.’ Crunk can mean one of two (related things): drunk (or otherwise intoxicated) (see, it rhymes), or something like… hopping. Excited. As in ‘we the type of people make the club get crunk.’ I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it used by anyone other than Outkast.

Here’s some you might like, off the top of my head:
[ul][li]Skurred: *(adj.)*equiv. to ‘scared.’ [/li]From Mystikal ‘Shake ya Ass’: “Don’t be skurred… Imma get mine and you gon’ get yours.”
[li]What’s Crackin’? (phrase)(also: …crack-a-lackin’) ‘Hello’ or ‘What is up.’ ‘What’s happenin’.’[/li]From a skit on Ice Cube’s Peace album: “Hey girls, what’s crackin’?”
[li]Bling bling: (adj.) Flashy. I’m sure you’ve heard this one.[/li]See also ‘bling blingin’’ (v.)
[li]Ummm… thought I’d have more. Not focused. More later, if I can get myself together. I’ve been out of the loop for a while.[/li][/ul]

I have often wondered where “give someone their props” came from. I realize that this phrase means to congratulate or to give credit to, but I’m at a loss as to the origins of this phrase. I think I would look like a doofus if I hung out at a high school to ask any of the students. Please help me out!

Reefer: Be aware! This is a term used by jazz musicians and the like to mean a marihuana cigarette!

I’m pretty sure “props” is short for “propers,” which itself stands for something like “the respect that is properly due me.”

“Crunk” is the slang past tense for “crank,” though obviously it’s got its own connotations and usage rules. If you are indeed the type of person who makes the club get crunk, we may assume that you bring with you the sort of phat beats/flow/party attitude/all-around je ne sais quois which would crank up the club’s patrons to the sorts of ecstatic levels about which Benny Hinn can only dream.

Then again, I’m a decrepit old white fellow of 24, so what the hell do I know?

I heard on CNN the following recent slang (however, consider the source):

“Ground Zero” - a mess
“burkha” - unfashionable clothing

I assume you’ve heard “firefighter cute.”

“Props” does indeed come from “propers,” which was in use as far back as 1967.

Um, that is, the Otis Redding version, which makes it even older.

[ul][li]Creep: (v. trans.) to cheat (as in a relationship)[/li]From Dr Dre, ‘Ain’t Nuthin But a G Thang,’ …and I was creepin’, but I damn near got caught cuz my beeper kept beepin.’.
Also creep: (v.intr.) to cheat (takes prep. ‘with’)
[li]Game: (n.) talent at picking up members of the opposite sex (usually women). (see also: spittin’ game)[/li]Did you see Alex last night? He was spittin’ game!
[li]Scrub: (n.) a loser (male); one who has no game.[/li]From TLC ‘Scrub’: We don’t want no scrubs.
[li]Dime: (n.) good-looking female. Deriv. from the typical 1-10 ranking scale to rate women: ‘10’ being the best.[/li]Ain’t nothin’ but dimes 'round here, son.
[li]Pimped out: (adj.) looking good (males); well-dressed. (see also G’d up)[/li]From Dr. Dre and Kurupt, Some L.A. [stuff]: I’m G’d up from the feet up.
[li]Dubs: (pl.n.) 20-inch tire rims.[/li]Every gangsta rap song, ever: I was rollin’ on dubs, etc.
[li]‘64: (n.) (pronounced ‘six-four’) a 1964 Chevy Impala.[/li]Every gangsta rap song from the early 90’s: I was rollin’ in my '64…
[li]Cock-blockin’: (v.trans.) disrupting the flow of another man’s game.[/li]Damn cuz, why you cock-blockin’? I was all up in it, till you told that dime that I was married!
[li]Nephew: (n.) subst. for ‘nigga’. Invented by Snoop Dogg, 2001.[/li]Sup, nephew.
[li]Fa’ shizzle: (excl.) for sure; definitely; of course. Invented by Snoop Dogg, 2001.[/li]Snoop says: Fa’ shizzle, my nizzles.[/ul]

Bup, we ripped that article to shreds on Fark awhile back. It sounded like a blatant attempt to pass off something that was probably not even widespread at a single school as a national trend.

“Bling bling” also refers to platinum jewelry. “Ice” is diamonds.

This may not fit the category, but several Dopers have told one another (in the Barbecue Pit) to get filched. Nobody will tell me what it means. Anybody here know, or do only the Pit types use such language? I thought I’d heard everything, but I never heard that one before.

Filch is a synonym for steal, and it’s not a slang word. Felch, on the other hand… are you sure you wanna know? It’s rather disgusting.

Loving all this slang. I might try to use some with my Little Sis and embarrass the hell out of her.

I knew “feltch” would make it in here eventually, but it’s not the kind of word that will get you mad props from your peeps, if you know what I’m saying.


I have a running joke with my dad that anyone who uses the word ‘hip,’ isn’t.

Well, there is “getting changed”, but I don’t think that’s quite made it into street lingo yet.

What about how rappers make up words and then write songe to introduce them to the hip-hop culture to expand to the world?
ex. bling-bling, scrub, and I know there is more but I seem to have blocked them out

I was using the word ‘scrub’ back in the early 80s. It wasn’t made up by a rapper. As a matter of fact, calling someone a scrub isn’t even slang! It’s in the dictionary…

Here’s some phat expressions that will give you some street cred:
don’t take any wooden nickels - don’t do anything stupid
none of your beeswax - none of your business
moolah - money
he’s a real swell - he’s a well-dressed guy

Groovy lingo, Arnold!