Earnhardts belt malfunctioned!

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The gist of it is that his belt was found to have failed. They are not spectualting whether or not this directly lead to the injuries he sustained, but mention that it may be a possibility if he slid forward and into the steering wheel.


Might have hit is chin on the steering wheel? Isn’t this the doctor that examined Earnhardt when he was taken to the hospital? IANAD, but if there is speculation that a hit to the chin caused the head injury that killed Earnhardt wouldn’t it have caused visible damage to the entire face? I would think that the whole jaw would be shattered.

Well, according to this article, not necessarily.

I don’t want to appear rude or unfeeling, because I truly do feel for his family right now, but:

Do you really think seatbelt are specifically designed for impacts at over 100 mph? Even if the seat belt didn’t break, there is no guarantee that the he would have survived the impact of the seat belt into his chest. I was in a crash at 35 mph and had extensive bruises for weeks. Does anyone understand that they can’t nessesarily blame his death on a malfunctioning seatbelt. Blame it on crashing into a wall at over 100 mph.

Yes, the impact with the wall is the primary cause of the accident, what is euphamistically called a “deceleration accident” in the Service (though that usually refers to someone that falls out of a window). I was passing the info because everything I had seen to that point had been pointing to the helmet and the lack of neck protection, or the HANS device.

That’s all.