Earthlink to Help the Government

Government Officials want to check Earthlink for suspicious convos, and chats. Earthlink said it would cooperate.

Is this a Pit rant? A general statement that perhaps belongs elsewhere? Or did you lose link before you made your point?

Good for Earthlink.

I have a Physics teacher right now named Mr. Carpenter.

His point, more than likely, was that he probably feels that this is the first step to complete government surveillence and censorship of the Internet, including the banning of encryption and a monitoring of all online communications via Carnivore or somesuch, and that Earthlink is somehow “selling out” its customers by buckling into the panic of the moment by allowing Big Brother to get a foothold into privacy. Soon, the argument goes, our civil liberties will be non-existant, and we’ll have completely traded our freedom for security, and the Earthlink agreement is just the beginning.

I apologize to the OP if I’m putting words in your mouth. This is just my assumptions.

Them’s MY questions, too. I’m closing this puppy down.