Earthquake hits Salt Lake City -- causes Moroni to Drop his Trumpet

…and half of his arm, as well.

I hope all Utah Dopers are well. From all reports, although the earthquake epicenter only a few miles from downtown, and it registered 5.7, there wasn’t much serious damage.

I hadn’t realized that the temple was undergoing renovations, or that the Southern wall and the Visitors Center (presumably the Southern one, with the “Molten Sea” in it) have been demolished.

At least we are clear now who God sent the coronavirus to punish. Watch soon for suspiciously Mormon-shaped pillars of salt on Ebay.

Obviously this is a sign.

These are the last days. Prepare thyself!

He probably figured that nobody would be able to hear him blowing that horn from all the way up there anyway, so decided it wasn’t worth the effort to keep holding his arm up.

What Cal didn’t mention from the article is that the temple was closed for a “seismic upgrade.”

I spent the first 13 years of my life in SLC and remember it is quite earthquake prone. We lived practically on top of the Wasatch fault, so it was hard to ignore. Glad all is mostly well!

The OP’s thread title did cause me to laugh out loud when I read it, so thanks for that. Also pretty funny about the reason for the temple closure :slight_smile:

I lived in SLC until almost exactly one year ago, and the fault lines there were one of the reasons why I wanted to get out of the area. There’s a fault line near my old house, and we were in the “liquefaction” zone.

Just this morning I woke up thinking, “Boy, with everything that’s been going on lately, wouldn’t it suck if SLC got hit by the big one?”

The area is overdue for an earthguake, and when it does finally go, it’s gonna go big. There’s really only one highway going through the valley, so if that gets damaged there’s going to be a lot of people trapped in their collapsing homes with very little opportunity for rescue.

I suppose the addition of 2% spandex to the fabric of magical underwear is in the remediation plan, too. You know, for your sudden unplanned urgent travel needs.

Plague, locusts (in Africa), and now earthquakes. When will the rain of blood happen?

I will never get a better opening for this…

One day at the Vatican, the head Cardinal came into the Pope’s office and said, “Holy Father, I have some good news and some bad news.”

The Pope replied, “What’s the good news?”

“Jesus Christ is on the phone and he wants to talk to you.”

“Oh?” said the Pope. “What’s the bad news?”

“He’s calling from Salt Lake City.”


ThelmaLou has [del]left[/del] scurried away from the building.

Hope everyone in Utah is okay.

I lived about two blocks from Wasatch Fault Park in SLC for four years. Fourth South suddenly shoots steeply upward when it hits that fault.

One night I was awakened by the fire escape banging against the side of my apartment building. Who the heck was climbing up the fire escape in the middle of the nigh? I wondered. Then I realized that I’d been awakened by an earthquake.

Sadly, Slayer stopped touring; they performed their last tour show at the Forum in LA on 30 November 2019.

I heard that the Mormon Church made a worldwide decision to stop having services for the indefinite future, which was a bigger-than-usual decision because 2020 is the 200th anniversary of the church’s founding.

Didn’t know SLC was in a seismic zone!

Mormon church was founded in 1830 Joseph Smith found the plates in 1827. In 1820 Smith saw a vision of Jesus, he was 15 at the time.

I remember exactly the site you’re talking about. It’s impressive, how far that fault slipped!

Lemme guess… you were attending the U of U? :slight_smile:

We were snugged up against Mt. Olympus during my time there as a youngster, in Holladay. I moved back briefly in my early 20s and lived in the South Salt Lake area. I remember small earthquakes when I was a kid but don’t recall any during my second stint.

Can’t say I worried about earthquakes while living there. Now I live in the mother of all earthquake zones and I fret about it a bit more.

I’m still chuckling about Moroni losing his trumpet and his arm. :smiley: Very glad of course no one was hurt, else it wouldn’t be funny at all.

Joseph Smith and the criminal justice system

Busy fellow. Did he play trumpet?

That was my old stomping ground. My childhood house was on Second South between 10th and 11th East, two blocks from there. The block across the street was my paper route and I washed dishes in the Salt City Jail Restaurant (apparently closed in 2006, I do t know if you when were there ) around the corner from there.

Cars would have the toughest time headed up the “hill” as we called the fault line.

But one night all the men would come around
and slay the conman clown.

My car starting slipping down the street one winter day trying to go up that hill in only a light snow.

I used to ride my bike from my apartment up to the U*, but I never could go all the way up that slope – I always had to “cheat” and go a different route, despite my long experience cycling up SLC hills.

I took my sister to dinner at the Old Salt City Jail when she came to visit. I hadn’t realized that it had closed.
*Yes, I did go to grad school there, as I’ve said many times on this Board.

Nonetheless, I can see the LDS church putting on a big celebration for 2020 – the First Vision is a Very Big Deal with them, bigger even than the Finding of the Golden Plates. They had a diorama devoted the First Vision at the Mormon Pavilion at the 1964-5 World’s Fair. It was depicted two or three times at the Visitor’s Centers in Temple Square when I lived out there. I’m sure that most of them judge the start of the LDS from The First Vision rather than any other event.