Earthquake in the PNW

At 2340 last night i was awakened by a jolt. ‘Earthquake,’ thought I, ‘Cool.’

Apparently there was a 4.8 north of Victoria, BC. Mrs. L.A.'s bear statue fell off th fireplace and was damaged, and the owl statue outside the front door fell and broke too.

In other news, I’m in Seattle today and the Internet is down so I’m posting this from my phone.

We’re on Kitsap and slept through it. No signs of anything odd in the house this morning. The internet works, too :slight_smile:

The Internet is not related. Just another ‘thing’ today.

Never felt it, but we’re quite a bit more south.

While it may be purely chance my husky did act weird and crazy around that time, I assume she needed to go for a walk for a #2 so I took here but did not need to use a bag. I do wonder if she was reacting to the earthquake.

I was up but obviously was too far away to feel it with my dull ape senses.

I was sitting up watching TV and I got a pretty good jolt. It lasted a few seconds, possibly four or five, and made my hanging items sway quite a bit. I’m in Surrey which is a suburb of Vancouver. I think it would have woken me up if I’d gone to bed earlier. It was pretty scary but I actually have a grab bag so I just made sure my tablet and phone were tucked in and watched the news coverage for a while. The local news had just ended about ten minutes prior and the anchors were still in the building so they just cut the show that was on and kept reporting.