Easiest way to get a Masters in Accounting

What is the easiest and/or quickest way to get a Masters degree in Accounting? Any recommendations?

I don’t really have an answer, but those that do would need some more information.
[ol][li]Do you have a degree already?[/li][li]Is it in accounting?[/li][li]How long since you’ve been in school?[/li][li]Do you have any experience in the field?[/li][li]Where are you located?[/ol][/li]As for my part, I’m getting my accounting degree at the University of South Florida, which is a highly-regarded institution with a 5-year bachelor’s program for accounting followed by another year or so for your M.Acc. So if you have no education and 6 years to use, I’d recommend USF.

  1. Find a school you want to attend that offeres the M.Acc. degree.
  2. Apply, be accepted
  3. Do the work
  4. Graduate.

Ok, seriously… look around for programs - I doubt that there are any shortcuts to the master’s in accounting. I’ve looked at the program here at the University of Tennessee (just in case I don’t get a job with this first Master’s), and while I’m likey not going to go into the program, the one thing I’ve noticed is this:

If you do not have an undergraduate degree in accounting, plan on taking an additional semester or year to complete the prerequisites required. You have to do this because otherwise you will spend too much time playing catch up with your classmates. How long the prereqs will take will vary from school to school, and some may give you the ability to take those prereqs while working on some of your other classes, but some may not.