East Bay Area Dopers: Need help - recommend a place in San Leandro

I am staying in Milpitas this week, and want to meet up with a friend who lives in Oakland. We were going to split the distance and meet up in San Leandro. Any decent suggestions on where to meet? A hidden gem restaurant or bar? Or suggest another town nearby?



Wow, this place must be really dead.

Split the difference? Wow you get the short end of that deal. I’d think Hayward or Union City would be closer for you. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for, cuisine-wise? E 14th has some decent “ethnic” restaurants all along it.

The bar offerings are pretty limited, from what I’ve seen.

Splitting it more based on time than distance. He lives in Oakland, but almost in Berkeley. Not sure where he works (school teacher). I can negotiate someplace more south, I’m sure. I love ethnic food, and he’s one of the more adventuresome folks I know, so that would work. So would any place with good beer, wine, etc.

Well, I need to head up that way now. I guess I’ll either a) eat at Chevy’s or b) play the part of the intrepid explorer. Wish me luck!

Good luck! If it’s not too late, La Pinata is similar with a less chain-like ambiance, although it gets very crowded.