East Bound and Down...

I just watched this movie again. (Smokey and the Bandit.)

What a fun movie! So many memorable quotes.

Mr. B, Tanker Truck Driver: Is this Bandit? This is Mr B., gearjammin’ this rollin’ refinery. You got a smokey?
Mr. B, Tanker Truck Driver: Come ahead, Bandit. We’ll slip you into the rockin’ chair, play a little hide-and-seek.
Mr. B, Tanker Truck Driver: The welcome mat is out, and you’re comin’ home.

I love that ol’ CB talk from the 80’s.

My handle used to be the Eager Beaver… :smiley:

Mine was Foxtrot (after a Genesis album), and I was an actual truck driver. By the time I started driving, “good buddy” was a pejorative, used only by truck drivers as sarcasm or scorn. If someone else said it over the CB in a serious way, we knew they were 4-wheelers.

Yeah, I love that movie too. Very stupid, but very very funny. And Sally Field was cute as hell.

girl at choke-n-puke - 10-4 Hot Pants, we copy!
boy at choke-n-puke - Let go of the button!

I thought this was going to be about the new hbo show…

The summer that SATB came out my dad picked up a half-grown stray dog from the parking lot of the hardware store, so the dog wouldn’t get run over. He intended to take him to the animal shelter, as we’d never had a dog, ever. But something made Dad keep him.

The dog appeared to be part Bassett Hound, based on his shape and the way he bayed, not barked. Trying to come up with a name we settled on Fred, for Jerry Reed’s dog in the movie.

They had Fred for thirteen years. I liked him too, and still miss him sometimes, even with all the years that have gone by.

No exact quote, but I always liked the start. Just when they finish loading the beer and Jerry Reed is trying to leave a note:

“Please send the bill…”

“Please send…”

“Hell, I got to go.”

Then he does his oggity-boogity boot scoot to the truck. And the adventure begins.

“Now, look over your right shoulder.”

“Whoo-hoo! Sheriff!”

“What we gotta do? Murder the Pope?”
“Howdja guess?”

The finest Basset Hound movie ever.

“I am in HOT PURSUIT!”

I don’t think there’s anyone else, past or present, that could have played Sheriff Buford T. Justice anywhere near as well as Jackie Gleason did.

I can help you out!

Snowman: writing on a notepad as he speaks out loud. Send - bill - to - Big - Enos - Burdett… Burdett. B-R. uh, B-U-R, uh, hell, I got to go!
How do i know this stuff? Because I’m the brother of a truck driving mother, boogily, boogily, boogily.

You bastards just made me download East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed.

Man, that was one hell of a movie. On the road about ten years ago one of my editors and I stumbled across in on the hotel movie system. We ordered a bucket of chicken from room service (four star hotel…they were bemused, to say the least) and watched it with joy and abandon.