Easter is now "spring"! Did I miss a memo?

Yeah, that’s right, shopping malls now have spring bunnies instead of Easter bunnies! When the fuck did this happen? Are athiests and non-Christians that hung up on kids visiting someone in a bunny suit at the local mall? Have malls taken to renaming Santa Claus too? This PC crap is getting ridiculous!

Well, we all know how important a role bunnies with chocolate eggs played in the resurrection. You should be happy that this “PC crap is getting ridiculous” enough to separate the secular springtime symbolism and commercialism from what’s supposed to be a religious holiday.

Fuck the Easter Bunny. [sub]metaphorically, of course. Or literally. Whatever.[/sub]

Dammit, that mythical pastel rabbit who brings candy damn well better continue to be associated with the solemn death and resurrection of my god.

Well, being’s as the bunnies and eggs and other Easter accoutrements you’re bitching about are pagan symbols co-oted from a pagan holiday, I’d think Christians would be happy to get rid of them. Apparently not, though.

I don’t see what everybody’s so worked up about. What’s the point to Easter, anyway? All the stores are closed, and it’s just another boring Sunday. Besides, I hate those ugly pastel colors anyway.

Yeah, and we continue to bring evergreen boughs indoors too. :slight_smile:

photopat, it’s not about Easter, it’s about PCism run amok.

Besides, did anybody ask the goddess Eoster how she felt about the Christians co-opting her one holiday? I’ll bet they didn’t.

Don’t worry about it, Jeff. Remember what Jesus said: “If you strike me down now, I’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

That’s the true spirit of Easter, not some guy in a bunny suit grabbing your nuts on the subway.

I know Jeff, and the PCism is ridiculous, but then, the bunny thing is pretty silly too.

Wow, Giraffe, that’s an Easter tradition I’ve never heard of!

I don’t see what everybody’s so worked up about. What’s the point to Easter, anyway? All the stores are closed, and it’s just another boring Sunday. Besides, I hate those ugly pastel colors anyway.

I won’t even get into Easter egg hunts…

That’s the weirdest double post I’ve ever seen, photopat.

I’m an agnostic, but I don’t mind celebrating Easter (except for the fact that it falls on a Sunday – we celebrate it on Saturday), but the christians are the ones that get their knickers in a twist because we don’t play along with the resurrection bit. Call it what you want, but I still wish I could get an extra day off work for it!

Aw, put on yer spring bonnet and chill, dude. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about it. I like spring, I like bunnies, I definitely like chocolate eggs. As to what it’s called, I say it’s a case of let the fucking market dictate. Yay Capitalism!

Either there will be more Christians upset at stores who excise easter and they’ll lose biz, or there will be more folks who are offended by mentioning easter and WILL patronize the stores. Either way, those who wanna sell more fill follow the dictates of people’s checkbooks.

The other XX% of us who don’t much care (I’m betting on high 90’s for that percentage…) can just shop as usual and let the “swing vote” determine whether they’re “spring bunnies” or “easter bunnies”

Actually, I am quite surprised at how long Christians have continued celebrating Easter with all the symbols of Ostara–the eggs, the bunnies, the Easter lilies and whatnot. All are fertility symbols to celebrate the power of woman’s sexuality in honor of the Goddess Ostara.

Granted, the egg has been used in religious rites of many various faiths as a symbol of rebirth, but there is nothing distinctly Christian about it. The Easter Bunny, if he were to identify a faith, would most certainly tell you his roots are pagan. It is very likely this realization is what brought about the name change.

Sounds to me like you’re the one who’s hung up on it.

I fully support the continued secularization of our nations holidays. Get that god crap out of there and focus on what the holidays are really about: commercialization and mass consumption.

[sub]Where’re my fucking Cadbury Creame Eggs?[/sub]