Easy Q: Chipmunk Movie

Who played the bad guy music producer dude in the Chipmunk Movie (and the Squeakual)? He looks familiar, but I cannot place him. What would I know him from?

David Cross is probably best known for his TV work on Mr. Show and Arrested Development as well as a ton of guest appearances on varoius series.

David Cross.

He’s been in a lot of interviews saying how he basically does crap like that to pay the bills. He’s upfront about that kind of stuff.

Thanks, and yet I’ve never heard of those shows. I don’t watch much TV/movies. Maybe he reminds me of someone else…

I always think he looks a bit like Clint Howard, from Apollo 13, etc…

He was also Slow Brother Donny on Just Shoot Me. Funniest epidose ever.

He was also the morgue “receptionist” in Men in Black, and the video rental guy in Men in Black II. I assume the two are actually the same character, because he’s not made to appear any different.

Just had to chime in to agree with this. Love that episode. I use “it’s an homage!” all the time.

Moderately amusing clip of David Cross dancing on stage with Jum Belushi:


By far my favorite David Cross performance was his voice-over as Happy Time Harry, a cynical doll, in the “Dumber Dolls” episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, possibly their funniest episode. (Apparently, his official voice credit reads “Sir Willups Brightslymoore.”)

Do you ever watch The Colbert Report? He’s been on that as a clueless hippie-type coming on the show to “debate” Stephen.