Easy question, re: Pearl Harbor

What does “Tora Tora Tora” mean?

All I’m finding are links to the movie. Thanks.

IIRC, Attack, Attack, Attack.

Wasn’t it “Tiger, tiger, tiger”?

I thought it was, “Attack, tiger!”,3 times.

This page says

I thought it was, “Attack, tiger!”,3 times.

I think so.

“Tora” means tiger in Japanese.

To/ra in some combination must be a kind of code, because those are not standard terms for attack/surprise.

“To” (whether long or short) is a bland phoneme in Japanese. It could be a bunch of different things.

“Ra” (only the short syllable is commonly used) on the other hand doesn’t have a lot of meanings. None of them are connected to “surprise,” unless the meaning of “naked” refers to the enemy’s lack of protection. Seems unlikely.

In other words, no really useful information in this thread yet, as far as I can see. Except that “tora” definitely means “tiger.”

Yeah, yeah, old thread. But the OP and the last responder are both active members. Anyway. . . apparently there is some debate as to whether “Tora” was meant to mean ‘tiger’ or whether it was just the two unrelated syllables that indicated the attack was to commence, but it wasn’t fleshed out very much in the earlier thread. I’ll defer other research to more knowledgeable people.

I’d always assumed that it meant ‘tiger’, and was a codeword used in the same way as the now-unprintable codeword used by Guy Gibson to indicate the breech of the Möhne Dam. That is, it was a word unrelated to the mission, but had a meaning understood by prearrangement. I had not heard of the consonant-vowel pairs theory, but it makes as much sense as the traditional codeword. Actually, I think it makes more sense because the attack was undertaken by the IJN. Being the Navy, they may have developed codes based on (inspired by) signal flags. For example, in the USN ‘Bravo Zulu’ means ‘Well done.’ A two-syllable radio call could very well be analogous to a two-flag message.

My mom knew one of the pilots who flew in Tora! Tora! Tora!. He took us to see the movie when it came out. :slight_smile:

So they weren’t Jewish?

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