Ridiculously Obvious Stuff You Just Got, Part II

I looked for the old thread, and since it was closed, I opened this one to post my own example of ROSYJG:

After reading the BC strip for decades, it just hit me that the Apteryx is a real animal…It’s a Kiwi.
Duh! :smack:

Let the bickering begin…


Everyone knows Kiwi is a fruit… not that there’s anything wrong with that.


I only noticed last month that the face of the Honey Monster is meant to look like a Sugar Puff. It’s taken over a third of a century for that realisation to dawn.

And everyone is wrong.

I’m whooshed.

Is this because BC is controversial?


Having these types of threads work out is simply quixotic.

Didn’t Johnny Hart die? Why does he have a today’s comic? Is he ghostwriting? Heh.

No, but his jokes did. Rimshot!

Here’s the original thread the OP mentions. Skip to the last page and scan down toward the end.

IIRC, the strip’s gone zombi like Peanuts

It’s being continued by Hart’s grandson. And it’s exactly as funny as Hart’s was.


A few days ago, I just realized that Herry Monster from Sesame Street is a hairy monster- hence the name.

The little ball that is the default image in the address bar for Safari is not an oddly lit shiny sphere.

It’s the Western hemisphere, with the major land masses in white.

That’s ok, despite KNOWING that it’s a fox, I still see the Firefox logo as a tomato with a leaf on it.

If your tomatoes’ leaves are blue and mottled, remind me not to pick anything out of YOUR garden!

This isn’t something I just got but I should have had it a hell of alot sooner than I did.

From the Jungle Book. The song “The Bare Necessities.”

Until about three years ago, when I turned 18, I always thought this song described the necessities of a bear. It talks about taking it easy, not caring about your worries, and I always thought “Yeah, bears are pretty laid back. Maybe we could learn something from their playbook of life…”

One day I was a sining it and it hit me like a ton of bricks. :smack:

So you mean that you can’t see how this could look like a juicy, red tomato with a leaf (it’s so small that it could be blue or green, but against the much bluer bar it looks more green to me) on it? (I think it looks similar to, say, this or any of these…)

On my dock, there’s a tomato icon near my Firefox, so I can’t see what you mean there- the really tomato-y icon ruins the effect- but I totally get what you’re saying when I see the image you’ve linked to.

I think the “tomato” looks more like Earl of Edgecombe* than like a red one, though.

*Might have misspelled that; it’s a delicious orange tomato.