easy riddle?

[shameful admission]
I don’t know.
[/shameful admission]

I’m pretty impressed, though, that you got those. I got a list a few weeks ago, and of the 33 Q’s I blazed through about 20 of them, and managed to figure out the rest, save the two you threw in, and the four I mentioned. Those two of yours still have me stumped.

100 C in a R

100 Cockleshells in a Row

6 B to an O in C

6 Bowls to an Over in Cricket
While I knew these, you can usually find the answers to these with a simple on-line search, as long as you keep the whole thing in quotes, as in “6 B to an O in C”.

I love these. Anymore?

I typed those things in google but got nothing of the sort, just a bunch of gobble-dee-gook search answers. At least I tried and thanks for the answers.

Couldn’t 100 C in a R = 100 Cents in a Rand (South African curency)?

Is the average American Joe supposed to know those kinds of things?