Easy way to deleteactivity history on Windows XP professional?

I’m not very adept with computers, so I don’t even know if I’m using the right term, so here’s the situation. The computer we use at work for what is basically word processing uses Windows XP Professional. It is not connected to the internet or any network in anyway…it is just a PC hooked up to a production machine. We have just our production program on it, and basic Windows stuff like WordPad, and, unfortunately, a few games, like Spider Solitaire, which we are NOT supposed to play. But occasionally, during long, slow days when there are no customers for hours at a time, we sometimes play Spider. Might also start it up for a quick game in the morning, get busy with customers and forget to close it out until we shut down the computer at night.

So now we have found out that the district manager can check the usage history on the machine and find out if we’ve accessed Spider. Since he has to physically be in the store to do this, we’d like to delete this history if it is possible to do easily, so that we don’t have to deal with the lecture, reprimand, and possible termination that can result from occasional Spider usage. But I have no clue how to start. I plan on totally deleting the game itself from the computer anyhow, just so I and others are not tempted in the future. But I don’t want that history sitting there like a ticking time bomb. We are smart enough to search for the program every time we want to play it, but some stores were foolish enough to actually put a short-cut on their desktop for it…so silly of them.

So can someone walk me through the steps, in language a little old lady could understand?

Your manager may have a snooping programme in which case you are sunk. If not then spider may simply appear on a list of most used programmes that appears when you press the start button. If so then to clear the whole list of programs, just follow the directions below.

  1. Right click on Start

  2. Goto “Properties”

  3. In start menu choose “Customize”

  4. Choose " Advanced" and click on “Clear List”

Other than that I dont think he can tell.

I was at the most recent store when he accessed the information in their computer…he did not load anything into the floppy drive or the CD drive, so I don’t think he has a snooping program. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what he was doing at the time.

I’ve never seen Spider get listed on our start menu (and we are running a very old version of XP pro…at least a couple years old.) but I will check tomorrow.

A snooping program is not something that he would bring. It’s something he would have privously installed. Typically they’re just always running in the backround and really don’t make their presence known. In fact, with some of them it’s just about impossible to know that it’s running. With most of those programs the only way to access them is to hit a specific hot key, for example Ctrl-Alt-J and then type in a password when the window pops up.
The only way you could really know if there was a snooping program would be to watch him when he’s using the computer. Well, some spyware programs can pick it up as well.

The only way I can see around it is to change the name of spider.exe to something else, say PrintMon.exe. But I’m not sure you can do that anymore. Back in the days of Win3.1 when most programs had only two or three files required to run them it was easy, now with every program so linked to others, what with shared files and the registry it’s alot harder.