Easy way to measure eyeglasses power ?

New to the world of wearing prescription eyeglasses. Early, in the year I got prescribed eyeglasses with the right side power of -0.75 spherical and -0.25 Cylindrical and the left side with -0.25 spherical. I got my expensive glasses and was happy with the new look - and being a noob, I lost the eyeglasses :smack:

So my friend recommended Zenni optical, which had rather inexpensive eyeglasses that I ordered and am currently using. I have this nagging sensation (and I am not very sure it is true) that the Zenni eyeglasses do not have the same power as the expensive eyeglasses that I lost.

Is there a simple way to check if the eyeglasses have the right power ? Will a eye-glass place like Costco check it ?

If there’s an eye doctor there, they do have a machine that measures the Rx. The glasses place might have one, also.

Yes, any optometry shop should be able to determine the values of the lenses. The easiest way to know if they will do it for you is to ask.

FTR (1), I’ve never had any problem with any optometry shop from doing any maintenance on my glasses, including replacing lost screws.

FTR(2), I’ve used Zenni for several years, now, and never had any question on the quality of their lenses. I did have a problem with losing a screw once and I took it to Walmart and they replaced the screw, but got the lens in wrong (the lens was perfectly round and not corrected astigmatism, but was progressive bifocal as well). When I told the tech that, she took them back, worked on them a little, and they were fine. She said that she found the “crossover point” for dual focus lens, just had it upside down. As above, there was no charge.

I love Zenni.

Thank you running_coach and excavating for a mind. That answers my question.