Easy ways to make money?

I don’t make much money and soon I’ll be making less. I work full time. I’m trying to think of easy ways to make more after work.

I’ve thought of:
[li]Mystery shopping[/li][li]Collecting recycling (ick!)[/li][li]Free-lance graphics (I’m a graphic designer, although not a very experience one)[/li][li]Tech support / computer repair[/li][li]Pet sitting (I don’t do kids)[/li][/ul]

Any other ideas?


I’ve heard that mystery shopping is a scam. I can’t attest to it, but you have to wonder why if you can truly get paid to buy and keep things, nobody you know is doing it.

Look into work you can do at home. For instance, I have a fine voice and I’m currently looking into doing more commercial voice-acting work from home. I plan to record snippets in my own studio. My studio is really nothing more then a mike, a mixing panel my BF has left over from his days of playing in a band, and some downloaded recording freeware and Microsoft MSN on my ordinary PC.

One of our Dopers has done some work providing phone sex. That seems like a nifty job to me as well, if you have a good voice, can act, and don’t mind talking dirty on your headset while doing the ironing. :slight_smile:

Steal Underpants

If there was an easy way to make money, do you think anyone would tell you? (and if they did, would you believe them?) :cool:

Google has kindly answered your questions with four helpful links.
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then again, maybe not


Since there is no single factual answer possible, let’s move this to our house of ideas – IMHO.


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I knew a woman who worked in a group home for the mentally disturbed. Her job was to sleep there and be woken up if there was a problem.

If you can just think about the money, there is always stripping. The reason they get paid well, though, is that no one wants that job if they don’t have to take it.


That’s not true. There are plenty of reasons people choose to strip, and plenty of strippers who could easily do other jobs if they so desired.

It’s not easy money though, you do work pretty hard for it.

She’s not asking for free; she’s asking for easy. Small difference, but still a difference nonetheless.

Come up with something really clever like the Million Dollar Website

My Sister has this sort of job. Depending what shift she is on she is either active, or on backup. if you’re on backup you’re basically asleep unless there is an incident requring you be roused.

Invest a ton of money, live off interest and dividends. By far the easiest way to make money, however, it does require the capital.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to get a better job?

Not really. I work really close to home, so I save on gas. It’s hard to get a good graphics job outside of LA (the city, not the state :wink: ) My job is flexible about hours and pretty easy going, so I don’t really want to search for something else.
As far as other suggestions:

Stripping / Phone sex - well… I’m asexual so it’s squicky, and I’m pretty naive, I don’t have a sexy voice or body (well, unless you go for scrawny geek)

Mystery shopping - some of them are scams. Some of them aren’t. I know you don’t make much money, but an extra twenty a week would keep the cats fed and with clean litter.

Ebay - I have a few things to sell, but generally you’re lucky to break even.

As well as TANSTAAFL, actually with collecting recycling you could earn a ‘free’ lunch. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep meaning to get a blog up and beg for money (actually I’d do backgrounds and stuff, but basically it’s begging).

The people I’ve met who make money on eBay aren’t selling what they have lying around (that is how they usually start). They learn a market - say kids clothes - or women’s shoes. Then they shop second hand stores, goodwill and garage sales (or with shoes, often a place like Nordstrom Rack or the like, where you can get designer names for bargain prices) and then resell them on eBay. I don’t think its easy, and I don’t think you’ll get rich.