Non-scammy ways to make money at home

Can anyone give me some links to make money from home that isn’t a pyramid scheme or shady dealings?

I’ve done a couple of survey sites, but that’s about it. A google search revealed a bunch of scams.

I’ve got the extra time now that I changed offices, and might as well pick up a few extra bucks instead of sitting on my ass.

For those of you who would say,“well, lazy ass, just go get another job,” I must say that my schedule isn’t fixed, so I couldn’t commit to a part-time schedule. Further, most of my free time is late night.

I have talked to a few people who do transcription at home. I don’t know how much it pays, but I think, for at least one of them, it is their only job.

I work as a translator, which is very nice and quite well paid - when I can get work (which for me is not often). I’d probably do better once I get my translating diploma and membership to the order of translators or whatever, and hang out a shingle.

I suspect that I’m not really on beam with the OP - I have the vague feeling that OP would happily seize on anything he/she thinks they can handle that can be operated from the home and generate revenue.

That being said, I will offer the observation that I worked as a consultant in my field for many, many years. And I knew quite a few other consultants who worked out of their homes. I always maintained an office and, while that cost me ~$30,000/year I know it gained me well more than that in business over what my homebody companions could do. Just an observation.

Another observation I’ve noted myself and received from other quarters as well is that if your place of business is 10 feet away from where you eat dinner you can always bop into the office at 10:00 PM and muck with something. At a different point in my life that sounded great, but I’m now at a point where I like the fact that I can’t do anything more about it until Monday morning.

'Luck, seth (that’s my younger brother’s name)!

This is a good question, and I hope someone has some good leads. I wouldn’t mind knowing the answer myself, since wiht two teachers in the house, the summers yield lots of free time to make a bit of extra scratch.

Pardon my ignorance, but what kind of transcription are we talking here, Democritus? What does that involve?

Uh, make that “with,” not “wiht.”

I know some people who work at home doing medical insurance claims data entry.

I’ve done four of these in the past:

• Private tutor
• Psychic Friend (be sure to tell your clients it’s for entertainment purposes only!)
• Neighborhood dog walker
• Babysitter
• freelance web page designer
• Writer
• Electronics repair
• Artist
• Massage therapist
• Message board moderator - scratch that, you said you wanted to make a few bucks :smiley:

All of the above (except for psychic friend) require that you posess actual skills. Since you didn’t say what you’re good at, I just listed anything that came to mind.

And NO I won’t tell you which four!

You don’t mention what skills you have that might generate money. Book publishers often look for freelance proofreaders, and freelance writing is always an option. I have a pretty decent knowledge of guns, so I could stay home and trade guns over the 'net. This requires a fair amount of capital, however. How about scoring good deals at garage sales, then reselling the items on eBay?

Off to IMHO.

Usurer has some good ideas. My mom used to proofread recipes for a small cookbook publisher in her town. That’s in Podunk, NE, so I know firms with needs like that are everywhere.

And I’ve managed to make quite a decent profit when I’ve acquired things at yard sales which I know tend to sell for a lot on ebay. You’ve got to know your market, of course, but except for going to the post office, this can all be accomplished at night (listings, emails, preparing packages) and weekends (hitting the sales). Mostly I get baby things (I was shopping for my son anyway) or name brand woman’s clothing (picked up an eddie bauer dress for $1; sold it for $16 on ebay…that sort of thing).

I’ll bet someone has written a pretty decent book on the topic of legitimate ways to make money from home.

Most special topic magazines and newspapers need writers. I live in a rural area so my by line runs on stories throughout the country for such things as agriculture, country living and raising horses.

If you have a bent for writing, which you seem to, this might be a viable avenue.

For big bucks, there’s always phone sex (well, someone had to post it).

Also with Workman’s Comp case traking and maintenance. GENEX Services, and companies like that, have a significant number of their case managers and billtracking people working from home. WARNING: This is real hard work, and frequently involves home visits. The turn-over rate is high, and it usually requires that you be at least an LPN.

Other avenues:
Tech Writer: hedra can answer this one better than I, but she telecommutes often, and is paid well.
Medical Writer: My current client, and many other Pharmacuetical firms / Contract Research Organizations, require a lot of data & research be converted to a form acceptable to the the FDA. Many of these writers work from home. This doesn’t require a degree, per se (Although one would sure as h*ll help!), but does require a very good understanding of Word Processing, Technical Writing, Medicine and Research, Statistics, and Gov’t Standards for acceptable submissions.
Statistician: Similar to Medical Writer, but more broadly based. Probably pays less well.

I knew somebody that did medical transcription at home. He made decent money for a job that can be done in your underwear. I remember him saying that basically you need decent typing skills, a good computer, and knowledge of the codes used in the claims forms for the procedures. If you can learn codes quickly, It is the ultimate high paying slacker job that doesnt require a college degree.

matt_mcl, how did you get the translator job? I’ve been looking for months for a way to translate documents at home, but everybody wants the ol’ sit in the back with a microphone position.
As for making money, how about creating a webpage with nothing but banner ads? you can be the bane of existence for all your friends!!!