So I'm looking for a decent way to make about $300 extra a month. Any advice?

Here is what I’m looking for:

Job that works from home.

Is part time.

Is fairly easy to get, even if its boring.

Can earn an extra $200-$300 a month, maybe more. I’m not looking for a lot.

Anyone know of a decent job that I can do like this?

I have a couple of friends (stay-at-home moms) who do part-time transcription work. They receive tapes or download audio files and then transcribe the contents.

It requires a good command of the English language and they tell me it’s stunningly boring work, but it pays decently.

Babysitting. My neice makes great money for a kid. You can put word out that you’ll babysit periodically. It’s HARD to get a sitter at the last minute. You may just be the dream-come-true the neighbors have been waiting for!

Ebay. It’s a friggin’ goldmine.

I make about $400 or so a month part time on eBay (a couple hours a day during the week, and hitting yard sales on Saturday for resellable collectibles.)

How about putting in a day or two extra at work? Assuming you get paid western rates, of course.

I assume that whoring is out?

Do you know how one might get a job like that?

Around here, you can make up to $200 per month donating plasma.

Outcall massage.

Scoring standardized tests. ETS and Pearson both offer score from home opportunities. However, the work isn’t consistent. You won’t be guaranteed a project every month during the summer months.

Wester rates?

How is she going to make extra money working unpaid overtime?


Might take an initial investment, but have you considered a dial-a-porn service? Think you can charge more if you have a webcam…

Yeah, phone sex operators can work from home, just get the calls routed to your house.

Incidentally, what was that movie where they showed the girl who did that as she did things like clip her toenails, take care of the kids, all while her boyfriend was walking around?

No, it’s still very popular.

Western. The OP is in China, where US$300 can be a lot of money.

The extra hours would be paid.

The OP would have to contend with the Chinese justice system… they shoot whoreses don’t they?

“Short Cuts”–brilliantly creepy scene and probably what leads to Chris Penn’s character bashing a nubile teen over the head with a rock. Sex just gets all twisted up in his mind.