looking for a job at home,,Any suggestions????

I realize there are millions of adds on the internet for "Earn your income at home"I also know that that most of these are bogus…I really want to find something that is profitable and legal…I know this is a 64 K $ question and who wouldn’t want to earn a living at home but I’m really serious about getting something going.Any suggestions?:confused:

You might try medical transcription.

I will try to find out the name of the company. My Dad found a home assembly job doing simple electrical subassemblies. Then he set up a shop area in his garage and hired a couple people to do it for him for less than the piece rate. Last I heard he has 4 employees and my retired stepmom runs things at the shop. They average something like $4 an hour profit from each employees work after paying them $8 an hour.

Thanks Drachillix the info would be greatly appricaiated,Reeder I thought about that and actually checked into it but I heard that there was alot of bogus companies that charged $400.00 for a rip off in that field too…I’m sure there are some honest ones but trying to find out what company is will be a task.

I’m going to second that… at work, the wife of the guy who sits across from me does medical transcription at home. She makes in excess of $10/hr doing it, I’m not sure of the exact money she makes. It’s not entirely “at home” though, she does drive to the doctor’s office every day to deliver her transcription from one day and received the new day’s transcription stuff.

I’ve thought about this as a source of at home income too, but i heard that it is hard to find a job after you get trained. Do you know if thats true? It would irk me to have skills, but no job.

You can always try selling items on ebay. I don’t do it because i am lazy, but supposedly if you check flea markets, you can get certain bargain items that you can resell at a profit. It is a risky business though, no telling if you will end up with a crapload of worthless junk or $200 in profit unless you really know what people are buying/paying.

Since you’re looking for advice and suggestions more than facts, I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

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Start your own business. That way, you can customize your “job” to be anything you want.

Your public library probably has The Work at Home Sourcebook, and also books on telecommuting.

Online, you’ll want to look for telecommuting, data entry, and
other types of work at home. The most important thing to remember is STAY AWAY from anything that asks you for money to work for them. You should not pay to work for someone!

One source is this newsletter, which comes out every day, and always has jobs advertised.
Moms Working at Home
They also have a web site:
There are jobs and other information listed there.

This web site also lists jobs for data entry.
It’s been around a long time.


Here’s another site that lists telecommuting jobs, and is geared to

Porta Jobs
You have to register for this site, but it’s free, and you can search
for a variety of jobs.

Workaholics for Hire

Here’s another database of work at home jobs.

Job Search Engine
This database searches several job sites at once. Search for “data
entry” and hundreds of jobs come up.

Here’s another database to search that comes up with several different jobs.

This is a great site with resources and information.

There are a lot of sites that charge you for books or information
about companies that hire telecommuters. Don’t buy them, they are a rip-off! You’re better off going to corporate web sites that operate a division in your area, and asking if they hire telecommuters. Many large companies do. This information is also available free on many web sites, like this one:
Alpine Access
They look for online call center employees.
You can find jobs like these at many of the references I’ve given
below, this one was listed at June Langhoff’s site.

If you would like more information about telecommuting, and how it works, here are some good resources.

Gil Gordon
He wrote the book on working at home, there is some good information here.

June Langhoff
Everything on this page is geared to learning more about working at home, it’s an excellent resource.