Eating baby food

How many of you adults enjoy eating particular items of baby food. i am sure some of you do it… now fess up.

Also how many of you like to eat certain items of baby food and DON’T have children?

Personally Gerber’s blueberry buckle I find has a mellow unpretentious tates and finishes clean… i also like the fruit purees

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Mmmmm bannana and tapioca. Almost makes me wish I had a reason to buy it again… NOT!

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We eat the apple sauce, raspberry/blueberry, and pear sauce here… and nope no babies.

I opened the door, and look who I found. Damn I’m good

Oh, happy day! I am vindicated! I’m not the only person who’s eaten baby food well after they should have.

I used to eat the stuff a bunch when I was younger, around 5 or 6. I think there was some pudding or something I loved. I haven’t eaten it since then, but I remember craving those Gerber bottles, Humphrey Bogart or not.

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When my brother hit the Gerber stage (he is 10 years younger than I), I enjoyed grifting the strained pears for som reason.

Haven’t had any since…

Yer pal,

Apricot baby food kicks ass. All the rest of them are pretty damned nasty, though.

Never been partial to the stuff myself, but a lady who used to work in my office ate baby food for lunch every day. The rest of us would lurk around the break room and then ask each other, “Do you think there’s something wrong with her teeth?” and “Does she like it?” It turns out, she has perfectly good teeth and she doesn’t like it. Her story is that once she and her husband were travelling somewhere and she mentioned she was hungry. He stopped at a grocery store and told her to get something she could eat on the way, as he was not stopping long. She came back with the self-contained baby food, in a variety of flavors, and has been eating it ever since. She also said she prefers it to cooking, and all she knows how to cook is rice.

That was not the only weird thing about her - she also kept her hair cropped close (read: Shaved) and wore a wig to save her the trouble of fixing her hair every day.

Lots of questions - no good answers.

Blue berry buckle is quite yummy, but when an infant spews it on an outfit, regardless of the outfits color, (listen closely) IT WILL NEVER COME OUT. Trust me.

Blue berry buckle is also an excellent revenge food to give someone expecting a baby. Give a case of blue berry buckle at a baby shower and then in about 7-10 months listen to the “I can’t get the stains out of that $90 dress that I had to give little Mitzy…”

When i had a lot of teeth pulled,I Had to eat it. Only the fruit flavors are bearable. I don’t know what the vegetable ones taste like,and I don’t Want to know. Nowadays,I do enjoy the box of Gerber oatmeal or barley flakes you mix with milk(note to Opal:I use soy milk).It reminds me.

Apricot applesauce is really good. I wish they made big jars of it–I like the smoother texture.

The green vegetables are really nasty, but the orange ones taste pretty much like they usually do.

I found some baby Kashi cereal that was actually pretty good, too–like rice cereal with a hint of sesame.

P.S. Yes, I do have kids.

I tasted everything before it went into Bowen’s mouth. The fruits and veggies taste exactly the way they’re supposed to (being as the only extra ingredient is water), and Arrowroot cookies are pretty yummy, but the “dinners” are disgusting. I’m not a giant fan of formula or rice cereal, either.

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I like to take the pureed ham and dump it into pea or bean soup for extra flavoring and those little bottled hot-dogs are quite good. So are all of the fruits and fruit mixes. All of the vegetables need salt, naturally, but are great to add to various soups and stews or just eaten as is for a kick. I’m not real crazy about those types that add rice to the mix, even if it is pulverized, because it changes the strength of the flavor.

I like zweiback biscuits in warm milk with cinnamon sugar on top. Also Arrowroot cookies. As far as the pureed stuff goes, the vegetables are unappetizing to look at, but I kinda like the puddings and fruits. I need to have a baby in the house, even a babysat one, as an excuse to eat them. As if the supermarket people would know I’m buying them for myself, or even care.

Actually, my Mom (the frugal) used to buy baby food in bulk to pack in our lunches for school. When we were in junior high.

Much of it was incredibly bad. No wonder adorable infants get colic and scream; most of that dreck would gag a maggot.

But the apricot stuff is actually pretty good. It’s soft, easy, sweet comfort food. I try to pass it off as mango creme brulee without the creme or the brulee. (BTW, are there any other Stern fans here? They give me (cautious) courage about my infantile taste for comfort foods.)


Satan: I knew you were a man of style & taste (Mick Jagger freely testifies to that very fact) and your statement on Gerber Strained Pears proves it!

Damn! Them’s good eatin’. And I hate regular pears, but Gerbers are great!

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LadyLust – that is an amazing idea. I’m too cheap to buy ham, but the powdered flavorig is just not cutting it in my soups. I’m gonna give your idea a whirl.

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I ate a lot of baby food when my jaw was wired shut. The pears and banana ones were my favorite. I missed having spaghetti, my favorite food (trust me…that cannot be liquified in any way!). My mom thought she’d surprise me one day and bought me spaghetti baby food. I damn near puked!

And to think I used to serve it to Greg…

No, stupid, it’s a boat!

Sorry but I can liquify spaghetti. I have achieved this with virtually any food.

I love zweibeck(sp?) the rice and oatmeal cereals, heck it’s all pretty good. You of course have to add salt. The Hawaiian Delight and Bananas win kudos…

Mmmm, baby custard <drool>.

BTW, how many babies does it take…