eating fatty foods

In many other threads, fast foods as such as bad for you.
We know that.
However, i am underweight (5’10" and 120 lbs.)
I am trying to gain.
it is not easy.
If I ate lots of fast foods, would it be as unhealthy for me as overweight people claim it is for them?
I’ve researched this, and a 20 oz. malt at Dairy Queen is almost 2000 calories. A good thing for me.
But, would I have to worry about heart disease or such?

One who is trying to gain weight should eat a balanced diet, just more of it. Eat fats, but healthy fats, like those in olive and canola oil, not the trans fats, which are bad for the heart. Combine that with muscle-building exercises.

One can gain weight in a healthy or unhealthy way. Using fast foods to gain weight tends towards being an unhealthy way.


Quite likely. I’ve seen some research that says that weight alone is not a health issue until you reach 50% body fat. My father was only marginally overweight if at all, and yet cholesterol and a lack of exercise were probably as much to blame as nicotine in his death.

I’d say that if you are under 30 you should not try to gain weight. Just wait for it. If you add on now you will soon find yourself overweight.

I dunno.
i am 43, and gave birth once.
I figured it out once, and my body fat was 18 so…
Note to those who are trying to lose weight: don’t eat bananas!

I don’t believe that. Normal is around 20% (slightly higher for women). 30% would be a serious health issue. I don’t believe anyone is half fat. (At least nor for long. :))

Most processed foods contain Trans-Fatty acids, which QM mentioned. These fats are thought to signifigantly effect bad cholesterol levels in the body. Trans Fats are not required to be put on the label like Fat and Cholesterol. However, you can tell if something contains Trans-Fatty acids by looking at the ingredients. If they contain Partially Hydrogenated oils, that is the indicator that the food contains Trans-Fats.
Most Fast food places serve processed foods. French Fries are the biggest culprit. (The oil they are fried in contain Partially hydrogenated oils)

Other fats are good for you. Flax seed oil contains high amounts of Omega-Three fatty acids, which is an essential fat. Current trends in research seem to Indicate that moderate amounts of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are necessary. It is suggested that no more than 30% of your total calorie intake be Fats though, with no more than 10% being saturated fat.

If you are looking to gain weight, look into resistance training. (weight training) Weight training will put on muscle, which is much better than just putting on empty fat. Alot of women don’t like to lift weights because of the myth that they will get bulky and massy and look like a man. Those women weightlifters that look like that deliberately spent years of work and thousands of dollars of Anabolic Steroids to look like that, it is almost guarenteed that you wont have that problem.

Weight training will also help in other ways than just putting on healthy mass. It will make you feel better, you will be stronger and have more energy. In many cases, older people benefit from weightlifting just as much as younger, in some cases, more. (not saying your old, LOL, I mean if you start and keep going even when you are older) Muscle growth even occurs in all ages. (though at 140 you would have problems stimulating growth)
Weight training will also stimulate the heart, by causing large muscles (such as the legs and glutes) to use more oxygen. This has many benifits for older people with bad circulation. It will also help with posture at post-retirement age.

Remember, work with what is heavy to you and do 6-8 repetitions. Many people waste the time at the gym by doing really light weights but doing them 30-40 times. This severly limits growth, and only works the muscle, (expending very little calories) not causes it to grow.
Try this site for more information:

Think again. I am just under 50% fat by body weight, and that was by measurement in a doctor’s office. I am also a size 20, and not anywhere near as large as many people out there.

I don’t have the cite for the specific research because my book has been loaned out, but the book that I got that from is Feeding on Dreams by Diane Epstein, a weight and eating issues counselor.

What’s wrong with bananas :frowning:

Work in a hospital? Patients in 500-600lb range are not all that uncommon.

I think this statement is right to some extent. Weight alone. However, I think it would be safe to say, that weight is only the symptom, not the disease. Weight being the symptom of eating unhealthy. Eating unhealthy with little exercise is the disease. Being overweight is only one symptom of eating unhealthy. So is having health problems. So no, being overweight does not cause health problems.

If you feel nauseous, do you blame it on the runny nose? Or do you assume you have a cold, and that it is causing both to occur?

They’re relatively high in calories, compared to other fruits. I think that a large banana can have about 100 calories or so.

Okay, and a medium apple is about 80-90
1/2 grapefruit is about 60
medium orange is about 70
I not talking about eating them by the bunch, but I think you can hardly consider them high caloric.

I’m trying to lose weight, and I eat bananas. 100 calories just isn’t that much to worry about. I was just trying to explain what vanilla meant.

Covert Bailey in his best-seller The New Fit or Fat, says that the highest percentage of body fat that he had every measured was 55.

That’s off by about 300%. A shake that size will probably be a bit under 700 calories.

A cup of sugar is about 800 calories or so, so you’d maybe get 2000 calories if you filled that malt cup with pure sugar.

Funny, usually I tell people they’re underestimating their calories :wink:

The DQ website lists their 20 oz. malt as 880 calories.

Gotta remember that it contains a lot of fat, which has more calories than sugar, oz. for oz.

Right. Keep in mind that 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories; whereas 1 gram of sugar or protein contains 4 calories. So you don’t have to eat fat to gain weight, but it’s the quickest way. Much better, of course, is to work out and develop muscles for your weight gain rather than fat.

I know someone who works in a mortuary, and deceased people there are not all that uncommon.