Eating mammoth

Very informative. Two consecutive great columns, worthy of the glory days.

Agreed - very good column.

The one nitpick I have is that the point could have been made that while human consumption of mammoth wasn’t likely to be too appealing, what I recall of my reading of arctic explorers was that their dogs would often be provendered on mammoth meat when it was found. I know that there was a line in the article about the fact that the dogs could, and would, eat what people couldn’t - but my hazy memories bring up far more reports of dogs eating mammoth than I’d ever heard of humans, even arctic or tundra dwelling natives, who would eat mammoth.

What’s a cheese straw? Never heard of that one, and I’ve been in the restaurant business for 24 years (the article implies that most everybody knows what a cheese straw is).

One recipe: butter, cheese, and enough flour to hold them together. Formed into the shape of a sheaf of wheat straw and baked. Tasteless, but it contrasts well with the nauseating flavor of mammoth.

Cheese straws.

There are many reports of dogs eating mammoths, going back to as far as, IIRC, the late 1700’s (I have unconfirmed/possible other reports from the mid-1600’s, and there is legend in China which possibly far predates that, in that I’m not 100% certain if they’re referring to mammoths, or possible other animals). And not just the dogs of explorers, but wild dogs, as well as other wildlife (bears and carrion birds). I’m guessing Cecil simply found the reports so commonplace and mundane that he didn’t bother to call attention to it in the limited space of the newspaper column. Just IMO; Cecil would have to speak himself to give the Straight Dope on how he chose to construct the as-printed column.

I’m thinking it takes a lot like chicken.


Where does it take it?

Very good point. I keep forgetting that in physical newspapers, column space is a vital resource. :smack:

Take it like a man! Er, a chicken! Um, or maybe like a thawed mammoth!