eBay bans sale of items related to murderers?


(well, OK, I made this up…)

What do y’all think? Shouldn’t they be in for a penny, in for a pound?

assume you’re talking about this where some one was attempting to auction off (min bid $41,000)

, honoring a request made by the dead man’s family. Got no problem from me on that.

Er, I assume you’re talking about this.

And the debate is?

[*BTW, I guess I don’t find the OP, as is, to be quite as hilarious as you evidently do, JM. :frowning: Not in Great Debates. MPSIMS, maybe, but not GD. *]

a) Is eBay being hypocritical by banning items related to some murders and not others?

b) How does an item become a “hate” item? Am I to believe that certain items have properties which give their owners special magic powers to be extra unholy, in the same manner as Catholic relics supposedly transmute holiness?

Don’t forget to ban Playboys or other magazines, books or art objects featuring scantily clad women, because such things are illegal in Saudi Arabia.

Allahu akbar!

In your fake news release in the OP, you have Bob Kerrey, Laura Bush, George Bush, Sr., Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, and the entire populations of both China and Korea included as “murderers”. Is this what you’re talking about? You wish to discuss whether these people should be considered “murderers” and whether E-bay should thus ban the sale of their memorabilia?