Auction Site that Handles Adult Materials?

Hi, my name is Evil Captor and I’m an adult.

As such, I occasionally produce adult art.

Oh, I produce fun for the whole family art, too, and I sell it on Ebay.

But Ebay won’t handle art past a certain level of adultness. It’s R-rated at most.

So, does anybody know of any auction sites that WILL handle adult materials? I have checked out Yahoo auctions and googled for adult auction sites, but with no great luck. I figure if something adult is out there, some Doper will know.

Given the likelihood of adult content, you might not want to post a link, but a suggested Google search term should do the trick.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I think you’re misinformed. eBay has a clear policy regarding Adult Materials. Among other things, it says:

No, I’m not misinformed. Ebay’ll let you run R rated stuff in the Mature section, but no depictions of sex or genitals. No XXX stuff. Really, I’ve already had some auctions cancelled by ebay for this reason.

Just a quick browse through shows you’re misinformed. There are thousands of Mature Audiences listings that have genitals, sex, and a combination thereof. In fact, I was hard-pressed to NOT find any XXX stuff.

That’s because eBay has a reporting system and relies on “rats” to inform them of a violation. I’m fairly sure that the majority of what you saw was in violation and if you reported them, they “might” be pulled. Might meaning, depending on who was “screening” the report, decides what’s in violation or not.

Captors’ real problem is competing with people selling serious hardcore stuff. One of the main reasons people want to be on the main site, is that the profit margin is much higher.


You’re right, it’s a rat-based reporting system and I don’t think ebay does a whole hell of a lot unless somebody rats them out. My stuff is not all that hardcore by any means, at least, not the stuff I sell on Ebay. But if there’s serious hardcore being sold on Ebay, hell, I’ve got some stuff I’d like to sell and I’ll take my chances with the rats.

Still, I haven’t seen any hardcore imagery in Ebay’s mature section. Must be looking in all the wrong places. Guess I’ll have to check again.

Thanks, looks very close to what I want. The vast majority of items for sale appears to be used panties, and there’s only one item in the artwork section, and it’s photos of a gal playing with panties. I can give it a try if the listing prices are reasonable.

EvilCaptor, a “friend” has bought hard-core porn on ebay. If you check the Mature section, and search the name of any porn starlet, you’ll get hundreds of tapes offered for sale. Or so I’m told. All that, and they won’t handle “art?”

OP: have you set up your own website?