Recommend me a discreet "adult toy" vendor

Help me out here. I “need” to buy some sex toys and/or fetish gear, and I need to be able to order them online. I need a vendor from whom I can order products without the order being followed by porn advertisements in my mailbox. I mean my snail-mail box, not my e-mail box. I don’t have spam filters on my snail-mail box. I have an older roommate who would strenuously object to such materials arriving in the mail. It’s only he and me here, so there’s nobody else I could blame it on :wink:

The last time I ordered something like this was 12 or 13 years ago, when I ordered a Chasey Lain (she looked so much better before the boob job) video out of the back of Hustler. The video arrived promptly, but before I knew it I was receiving one porn advertisement after another in the mail. This must not happen at my current residence! I was living alone the first time, so I could deal with it, although I was afraid that once I moved out, somebody who knew me would move in and see my name on all these ads.

Am I better off just getting a post office box? Or are there vendors who are discreet and who won’t put me on mailing lists?

ebay maybe?

I cannot recommend Blowfish enough. Just add a .com to the end of the name, and you’re there. They have a wide selection. Their packaging is discreet as all get out (took me a while to realize who the box was from), and they absolutely do not sell your name. IIRC, you have to opt in for their emails.

eBay? 'Fraid I don’t want “used” toys!

phouka, I’ll check that out. Thanks!

Oddly enough, this is the second time in a week I’ve posted a link to Ambiance which is a local NE Ohio chain store but they have all their stuff online. I linked to their FAQ which should address all of your issues with buying toys online.

I think my mind is telling me I REALLY need to go there soon :slight_smile: is great! Discreet, plain brown boxes and the only thing I ever get from them is a biannual catalog that’s packaged such that half the time I don’t even realize what it is until I open it! Plus if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area they have a couple of stores :slight_smile:

The wife and I bought some things through Adam and Eve online. Not even the postman (or our teen daughter) would know what arrived.

I do think they sent us a few follow up catalogs in plain wrapers. Perhaps one or two of them.

Please consider this a second nod for Blowfish.
Thier catalog is discrete, and the descriptions are anabashedly honest and straightforward without getting tawdry or trashy. Plus as the earlier poster said, the packaging is absolutely plain-vanilla.

I can’t say one way or the other about Good Vibrations, but I have heard many good things about them.

The Adam & Eve catalogs i’ve gotten in the past tend to lean more than slightly
towards the garish and glam.

Good Vibrations, all the way.

They were very helpful recently regarding an, er… product that turned up defective, even though more than 30 days had passed.

Nice plain box, no porno mail. Thumbs up!

Also, in case you are a woman or might like to shop with a lady friend (that phrase kills me) they are pro-woman, and sex-positive, not to mention classy in all their communications. Really, they are the anti-sleaze.

Dude…Ebay sells tons of brand new stuff. Tons. I’m sure no one will try to sell used stuff.

Here’s another vote for GoodVibes. My package* was very discreet and I haven’t gotten sketchy looking mail since.

*I couldn’t decide which was better, talking about my box or talking about my package. Both made me giggle.



Amazon, remarkably enough

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Since this is now 6 years later I’d like to replace my original post of ebay with Adam and Eve.

So, Mister Rik, how’d it work out?

I ended up deciding not to purchase anything at the time, and filed away the links for future reference. So this thread bump is actually quite timely, as I’ve got my own place now (yay, no roommates!) Discreet, etc. My wife used to work for them - I think they’re good people.


I don’t know that I’ve ever ordered from the, but they claim to be discreet and not to put you on mailing lists and they’re very well known within my local kink community. Wide variety of toys, from fairly vanilla dildos to serious BDSM furniture.

I can say from experience that is very discreet, but they really serve a niche market. If you’re looking for a quality, metal chastity device, definitely check them out.