sex toys

I have a friend that has recommended a sybian , but I was hoping for something a little more discreet. My husband is open to almost anything, but at this point we have tried nothing but the most basic vibrator, which had two speeds

  1. really fast
  2. jackhammer

I was not impressed, but am itching to spice up our sex life. Does anybody have any suggestions on toys or websites?

Try these:
Toys in Babeland
adam and eve

You know, for a sex toy priced at $1300, you’d think Sybian would have a more compelling website. Every picture of their device makes it look like something you get at Radio Shack to use for ham radio or something. What does the thing actually do? It’s bleeding hard to tell.

I agree. Did you see the page showing the INSIDE of the sybian? How sexy is that?

My favorite sex toy site is Blowfish. They stock quality products, they give them objective descriptions, and unlike just about every other such site on the face of the planet (that I’ve tried), I don’t feel the least bit dirty or sleezy when I patronize them. They have plenty of toy advice on their site. For example, here’s their vibrator buying guide.

I don’t work for them, but I am a happy customer. :slight_smile:

I am reluctant to even post in this thread, given that my husband has seen fit to divulge secrets from our bedroom. I suppose there’s no use in denying we have the toys, now, though.

I will say that I have been happier with the ones I have bought for myself, rather than the ones he’s bought in the past. In particular, a small item called the Pulsating Orbiter. I purchased it at a Passion Party (think kinky sex tupperware). It’s like a bullet-thingy, but with 6 variable speeds from slow pulse to constant, hard vibration. I think Passion Parties has a website…
::goes to look::

Yep! They do!

I highly recommend these folks. It helps that you get to see things up close and out of the packages before you buy.


Well, you can’t really go wrong with a good adjustable-speed bullet/egg vibe. They’re pretty cheap, and they’re quite versatile. You can use them in the traditional manner, insert them, put them into sleeves or cockrings, you name it. Make sure it’s an adjustable-speed one, though, the two-speed ones tend to be set a little too high to enjoy for very long.

I’m also really fond of massage stuff. I’ve got this mitt I bought at a party a few years ago that has all these little “fingers” on it…you’ll take it out of my bedroom when you pry it from my cold, dead, sticky hand. It’s also wonderful for non-sexual massage of the back, neck, and feet. When I was waiting tables, a foot-rub with that thing after a 12-hour shift was “who needs a man?” fabulous.

At the Slumber Party I had a couple months ago, they had some fun-looking finger vibes, too.

Go to Neat cushions.

Can I get an AMEN!?

And I agree with Metacom. Blowfish is wonderful.

Thank you for the link. I now must order the Aneros.

Depending what size city you live near, I recommend actually visiting a sex toy store and talking to the clerks. I know at least one sex toy clerk personally, and she spends most of her paycheck in the store. She has tried most of the toys, and can tell you what she prefers and why. You don’t necessarily need to buy there in the store, but a clerk can answer your questions the way a website can’t.

Once you know what you want, you can comparison shop online for the best price point.

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The first time I read that polling only had one ‘l’.

The Hyper Bullet looks interesting. Has anybody tried one of these?

Note to self: invest in Duracell.

It kinda depends on what you’re looking for. There are “insertion” type vibrators and external vibrators that massage the clitoris.

For just achieving orgasm, the external vibrators are often most effective for most women. The external type ones are often electric and supposedly marketed for massage. My personal favorite is the “cadillac” of vibrators: the Hitachi Magic Wand. It has a tennis ball size vibration head you can use to apply fairly intense vibrations anywhere you want to. (I gotta to add, the Hitachi Magic Wand changed my life. I didn’t know what an orgasm was until I got one. Now it’s scary how easy they are.) Coil vibrators are quieter and have a softer vibrations. One word of warning: electric vibrators can make it so easy to achieve an orgasm that it can be become difficult to orgasm without them if you overuse them.

The insertion type vibrators are usually battery powered and much less strong. I think they’re most effective for sex play but not necessarily for orgasm. A lot depends on how sensitive you are. If you need a lot of stimulation, go with the external vibrator. If you’re really sensitive, the “insertion” type might be enough. Or you might want to play with using both types at the same time.

My absolute favorite site is Good Vibrations. Spend some time cruising the site, they have lots and lots of information on sex toys and how to choose one. They have a store in San Francisco and, if you’re ever in town, I highly recommend a visit. They have all their toys out so you can feel how strong they are before you purchase. (plus it’s just a really cool store). The Babes in Toyland store in NYC is also a great place to visit with lots of testers.

My wife and her friends swear by the Jack Rabbit (second one down the page), which, coincidently, was recommended by the toy store clerk. Combines the “innie” and the “outie” in one device simultaneously, with adjustable speed control and a direction reversing button.

And once you have become a thoroughly informed consumer, you can take the Dog Toy or Marital Aid test. (I’m no good at this: they all look like dog toys to me.)

I took all three tests and missed 4 answers. I find this terribly sad–the reason I did so well is I recognized all the dog toys from the way-too-many pet catalogs I receive; if I didn’t recognize something I chose marital aid. Boy, do I lead an exciting life. :slight_smile:

I missed three on the first test and didn’t try the other one, but I used essentially the same strategy. And I’m sad to admit that if they’d said dog accessory instead of dog toy, I probably would have said the nubby little finger sleeve was a dog toothbrush.