eBay: Helping selling myself

I was browsing eBay and I noticed the amount of people willing to sell themselves as friends and it got me thinking. I had not saw any listings for enemies, rivals etc.

I was wondering how I go about putting myself up as an arch rival for sale?

I’ll give an evil looking picture of me but I don’t know how to actually do it.

Any tips or advice would also be welcomed.

Ok that would actually be pretty funny. Can you arch your eyebrow really high and look super menacing? That’d be the route to go.

And you have to have the proper lighting, of course. And a black turtleneck. (Ooh - it would be like having Steve Jobs as an arch-enemy!)

Well I’m a pretty big skinhead already so I shall look fairly menacing, unfortunately I have no turtleneck or eyebrow control (having two slugs above my eyes doesn’t help).

I was thinking maybe I could photoshop on an evil goatee as mine looks quite light in some photogrpahs. :slight_smile:

See if you can Photoshop those smoldering yellow “Sith” eyes like a Darth while you’re at it.

Ragiel I don’t know whether to thank you or berate you. Do a google image search on ‘sith etes’ and look at the first result. :smiley:

Eyepatch. You really, really need an eyepatch.

Oh yes, I didn’t think of that! Where do I get an eye patch from or is Photoshop gonna be busy soon?

One the other hand, I think that a cheesey Photoshop job would look better and more comical like one done well.

You should be able to get an eyepatch at your local pharmacy. But what you really need is a henchman.

I’ll get my friend to pose on his knees as a midget.

Or whatever is acceptable these days.

There was an auction a few years ago for “I will kick your ass.” Does that count? The seller said he would travel to your home (at your expense, of course) and kick your ass.

I would have loved to be there if the winning bidder was C.Liddel, K.Shamrock or M.Tyson etc.

Oh how quickly that auction would have ended. :smiley:

Sophistry and Illusion, I was sent a similar link a year ago that offered an ass-kicking AND a ham sandwich. Regrettably, it was removed from auction before I was able to bid…

You can also stroke a white cat a la a Bond villain.