Ebay: How to receive email notification when new message in ebay inbox?

I’m an extremely occasional ebay user (like, a few times every few years). I recently listed and sold several similar items. I got email notifications that the items sold, went in and bought/printed shipping labels, mailed the items off.

Later, I went into my inbox to find the sold item messages so I could inform the buyers the packages had shipped and give them the tracking numbers. It was only then that I saw I had received questions from bidders during the auction (asking if I would combine shipping if they bought more than one item).

I would love to receive email notifications any time a new message appears in my inbox. Is there a setting in ebay for such a thing?

Sorry to waste the board’s time with a mere tech support issue, but ebay’s support was less than stellar. My efforts with an ebay chat agent went nowhere; he kept trying to direct me to either the communications preferences settings, which are all about automated notifications from ebay about sold/failed to sell/problems with listsing/relist/etc.—nothing about messages from bidders/buyers.