eBay: some fool is on the hook for a $10K video game!

Dragon Ball GT Final Bout (Playstation)

The fool could have had this one for $160! [nelson]Ha ha![/nelson]

Heh, look at the right hand side of the page;

"Financing available

Only $421 per month
if you use PayPal Buyer Credit. Subject to credit approval. US residents only. See repayment details."


Look at the bid history. See anything strange? maijinvegeta53704 (who signed up 06/19/2004 and has a rating of 1) bid it up from $15 to $30 in $5 increments bidding against himself. Then do_u_luv_me (who signed up 06/12/2004 and also has a rating of 1) did the same thing from $100 to $10,000! Doesn’t this look suspiciously like shill bidding? Or is this how eBay shows proxy bids?

I believe that will be disualified, like the $20,000,000 for Doom 3.

Nope, that’s how the proxies show up.

Now that I look at it again, hmmmmm… Bidder irregularity, or just plain stupidity on the part of newbies? If it is irregularity, for what purpose?

Do_u_luv_me does seem to bid a lot on this guy’s auctions… definately a shill. What do we do about it?

If it is irregularity, it’s for the purpose of driving up the final price. The shill would either be working with the seller or be a sock puppet for the seller himself. I think eBay has algorithms for detecting this type of behaviour so they may catch it if it is shilling.

Now that I think about it, the behaviour in this auction seems a strange way to do it. What a dishonest seller would want to do would be to bid it up to just below what he thinks is probably the absolute highest another bidder is willing to pay. So why the heck would he bid it all the way up to $10,000. Who would believe in a million years that some fool would come along and bid $10,100? Strange.

It gets even stranger - there is an identical auction here involving the same people:

It kinda explains how they guessed $10,000 though.