Ebay's new policy -- Can I sell $1 bills for 1 cent?

Ebay has rolled out a new policy which retires the “PowerSeller” status and grants a “Trusted Seller” medal that is much more prominent.

Problem is, it places a minimum on transaction count. I’m a Silver powerseller, bordering on Gold. Yet I don’t have 100 transactions because I sell expensive items. And I want that Trusted Seller status.

So… I have to find something to sell, and find it fast (before this month’s status re-calculation). Could I sell a 100 washingtons for 100 lincolns? Or is this some sort of “violation” of the “terms of use” “policy” “?”
If it is, what else do you think I could sell, at a loss if i have to, that will move quickly? And what can I sell in other countries (since I need 100 transactions in each region i want to be a Trusted Seller in)?

Ixnay on the other countries thing. Apparently they changed their rules again and you have to reside in the same country to be a Top Rated Seller there. Frankly, I don’t understand what Ebay has against globalization…

You want to sell 1 dollar bills for $5 a piece? Gonna have trouble getting people to take you up on that.

What if I told you the dollar bills are new.

No… wait… crumpled repeatedly until they are feathery soft :cool:

It may be considered to be a feedback trade. That is, a transaction made just to increase feedback. I may be wrong. If, however, you took a pile of old, un-listened-to-in-years CDs, and sold them with a BIN of 50 cents, that would be OK, and, if the CDs were at all popular, could result in some quick sales.


Ok, so I’ve put up $2 bills. Get yours for just 99 cents. Limit one per customer. Oh, and don’t leave me feedback :slight_smile:

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