Eco jobs

I find myself at middle age and unemployed so I was wondering what to do. I thought I would like to try and help the enviroment as a living. I just don’t know where to look. I don’t have a degree in biology or chemistry, just a high school degree with some college classes. I am looking for something that I won’t have to have spend four years getting a degree, I am unemployed and need to get back to work. I would be willing to take some classes or do some homework. Is there any jobs for semi-educated grunts? Any help would be welcome.

Depending on your skill set (e.g. can you type) there are jobs out there at non-profits. Places like the Sierra Club for instance or the World Wildlife Fund. These jobs don’t pay great, but they can’t be that bad or nobody would work at them.

To effect the most change you could run for government or become a teacher, both of which require time and or money to accomplish. Hope this helps.

Work for an environmental drilling team for a summer (they drill test holes & install water monitoring wells and so forth), and always have some grunt work to do. Actually a lot of the field work done is pretty simple, so you could start doing that. Companies usually hire more people in the summer too.