Ed, can you restore TubaDiva's profile?

Yeah, it actually is. Accounts with a lot of privileges are always a security risk. Unneeded ones are a bad idea. Could they have removed the privileges instead of deactivating the account? Probably. But she’s dead, and is never going to need that account again, so it doesn’t seem crazy to deactivate it

No, i wasn’t made aware until this thread. And having been made aware, I’m completely indifferent and don’t feel like it’s something i needed to know. I’ve never used profiles for anything except removing spammers. It would never have occurred to me to look up tubadiva’s.

Yes, She poured endless time and energy into this board, and we all mourn her death. It was a great loss to the board.

Well, they have other points, seeing as i use them in other ways…

It’s her account, not her name, that’s invalid. But this is far and away your strongest point. On the other hand, we do have a couple of memorial threads, and i think the board still remembers and respects her.

Fwiw, if you are hoping to effect change, i think “pretty please” is more likely to be effective than righteous outrage. Nothing outrageous has happened here.

Then why isn’t Ed’s account a security risk? Why haven’t the deceased mods had their profiles deactivated?

I’m pretty sure most people here don’t use profiles the way you do. We’re not mods, we don’t do anything to spammers. Sorry that I make use of profiles in a way you don’t feel is useful to you.

I didn’t realize I had to say pretty please to get an answer to a question about the board. I don’t remember that in the rules. If that’s all it takes, here it is. @Ed_Zotti would you pretty please restore Tuba’s profile?

And there is no righteous outrage, I’m saying it was a shitty thing to do, and probably totally unnecessary.

Nobody said it was.

  1. Ed is alive, and able to quickly address things if someone were to hack his account.
  2. Mods don’t have the same level of abilities on the board that an admin account does.

OTOH, are you sure that most people here use profiles the way you do?

Jenny’s profile being inaccessible seems to hamper you, because of the way that you use profiles while using the board. Reading this thread, it doesn’t sound like others are running into the same issue.

Am I the only one who noticed those helpful posts?

Ed almost never visits the board unless called by the mods, I’m not sure he would even know about it. And that still doesn’t explain why he didn’t just take away her admin standing if that was a significant worry.

Mods can do all kinds of stuff like ban people, temporarily hide posts or threads, even cornfield them forever. They could do all kinds of crap.

Well yes I think they do. How do you use them? That’s why the profiles are there for posters, like a one stop info spot for everything you need to know about a poster. There’s no other reason for a poster to even look at them if they don’t want some kind of info.

What you are talking about is workarounds when you don’t have access to the profile, which is a totally different thing. The profile already has all that info and more, all in one spot. Restore the profile and you don’t need to use workarounds.

To be honest, I rarely use them. When I do, it’s mostly to see if the poster has put in any information like their location, and to see when they joined, or the last time that they were active. It’s even more rare for me to use the profiles to find posts.

I did some digging, and it turns out that Discourse automatically deactivated TubaDiva’s account after 365 days of no activity.

Reactivating the account isn’t really an option, since the software would just keep deactivating it.

Well done, ecg

So when you use them, you want info on the poster all in one place, no? So you use it exactly like I do.

Thank you very much! That’s an great explanation, I appreciate it.

Does that only happen to admin accounts? I know in some cases you can merge accounts, could you create a TubaDiva2 or Tuba_Diva account as a guest or member and merge the two accounts? Is that a possible thing or would it be a real hassle? It seems guest accounts last forever.

Thanks again for taking the time to look this up.

Good god, dude. You’re obsessing over a dead woman. They’ve already told you that Discourse deactivates a profile after a year.

You’ve belabored a point, refused to accept an explanation, and now you want them to go back and create a new profile because you can’t be arsed to actually let the issue go, nor can you utilize any workaround that’s been mentioned above?

Jesus, dude. Get over yourself already. They shouldn’t have to take any steps to placate you just because you’re unsatisfied with the situation.

You’re really being a “Karen” here.

We’ve done some more digging. It appears that:

  1. As ecg has said, Discourse automatically deactivates accounts after 365 degrees of inactivity.

  2. However, apparently it only does this for admin accounts that have been inactive for a year, presumably as a security measure.

  3. I deduce, therefore, that if I revoke Tuba’s admin status, and re-activate her account, she will no longer be subject to automatic deactivation, and her account will be active forevermore, or anyway for as long as STM keeps paying the Discourse bill.

  4. I have now done these things. It should now be possible to access Tuba’s profile. Why anyone would want to do this I don’t fully understand; the profile itself contains nothing of interest, and there are easier ways to search for her posts. But whatever floats your boat.

Damn, Ed. I shouldn’t have doubted you. I appreciate your willingness to help.

Well apparently they thought differently and could fix it without all the workarounds. And the situation was explained as to exactly what happened, which we did not know before. More information about a situation is always better. And as I explained multiple times already, this had nothing to do with me. I had a request, I put it where requests go and it was worked out. I consider it time well spent.

Thanks for doing this Ed. It works perfectly. I know you didn’t have to respond to this request at all and I really appreciate you took the time to help out. Thanks again.

Maybe for mods and admins, but a profile is by far the best way for a poster to get info or search for posts.

Thanks again to @Ed_Zotti and @engineer_comp_geek for stepping in and doing the extra work. It was beyond your normal duties and I fully appreciate what you’ve done here.

If you would like to close the thread, I’m okay with that. You’ve already done more than I thought would be possible when I started it.

Never give up! Never surrender!

Moderator Note

Do not attack other users in ATMB. Treat others with respect.

Since this issue is resolved, let’s close this thread.